How To Install Closet Doors

Either your stuff at home gets stashed away over time or you went on a one-time shopping spree. Both end up with the same result—a supercharged closet. Fact is, you will not use all items at the same time and want to keep the rest inside. An overflowing closet needs to be closed to keep its content in one piece. Good news! Building doors to your closet is classified in the do-it-yourself category nowadays.

How do you install these doors, then? The type used here is a familiar one, the bi-folding doors. Here are the answers.

  • Identify the doors’ dimensions. This is a no-brainer. You just have to get the right measurements of your door frames. Purchasing the items will be a lot easier if you have done this. Make a leeway of an inch for the side of each door that meets at the middle. The same allowance should be given the top and bottom sides.
  • Procure bi-folding door equipment from the hardware shop. The package should have, along with the bi-folding doors, the screws, a metal frame, small rods, and a closure or door handle to hook the track onto. Complete these pieces before you leave the store. Inquire of the missing pieces, if you do not find any of them in the kit.
  • Bolt them up. Start screwing the metal doorframe on the closet top and the zigzagged base on the floor. Let the teeth of the base face the floor. Take the small rods and fit them into their corresponding holes. The handbook that came with the equipment contains specific pin-to-hole instructions. For example, the pin with screw adjustment should be placed at the foot of the closet to increase or decrease door height. Slot in the small rods to the holes.
  • Install the closet doors. Insert each of the bi-folding doors at the top line first before sliding it from the center of the lower line. Make sure the doors are mounted in the right place. They should not be angled other than perpendicular to the base. Move the door up and down to check if they are loose or intact. This is to ensure that the folds will meet perfectly together at the middle.
  • Tack the knobs to the doors. There are usually built-in holes in the doors where you can easily slip the knobs through. Screw or fasten the knobs at the inside part of the bi-folding doors. Other closet doors will require you to drill holes. You should check out this option at the hardware store.

Make your stuff look homey in the closet. Closets look even better with doors to contain odds and ends within. Along with bi-folding doors, there are several kinds of closet doors to choose from. A sliding door looks sleek and much more of a space-saver than the others. A jointed door is much easier to put up. Any of these choices entails doing some of the steps above. Make your home look chic and organized with closet doors. Enjoy installing them, too, with the easy-to-follow directions above.


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