How To Install Curtain Rods

Draperies filtering the sun’s rays or brightening the room in a gloomy day sure look brilliant and attractive. But without a rod, this kind of ornament will not hold up. A curtain rod may not contribute to the aesthetics of a home, but it does help in the background. It should be installed properly. If this is your first time to fix a rod up a windowsill, here is something that is going to help you.

  • Decide on the location of your rod. There are two places where you can set the rod: the wall or within the window frame. If the wall is your spot, you need to use a pair of hollow-wall hooks or concrete nails. If you choose the usually wooden frame to hang your rod onto, you have brackets or studs to choose from. The brackets are usually screwed into the edges of the windowsill. Later on, you will have to drill a hole for these screws.
  • Measure the rod’s length. Determine the span of the rod by raising it up to the wall. This way you will know how far apart should the brackets be. Assess as well how high the rod should be. Make an allowance of three to six inches above the window top, or depending on your predilection. Use a line level to determine if the rod is level.
  • Mark your spot. Place a light mark on each of the spots on the wall or window frame where the holes for the screws will be drilled. Make sure that the marks can be easily erased or covered by the screws. Pencil is the perfect tool for this. Do not make the markings too heavy on the areas where you will put the studs.
  • Bore the screw slots. Create holes that are not too deep into the wall or the wooden frame. They should be shallow but not too much that the stability of the screws will be compromised. Bore into the pencil marks made on your preferred location.
  • Bolt the screws to the studs. These articles usually come with the rod. They come as a package deal. Sometimes you have to check whether the maker has included studs and screws in their product kit. If not, then you should buy a separate set that fits the rod. You have to know this in order to save time, money, and energy going back and forth to the hardware shop. When the materials are complete, start screwing the brackets. Hold the rod up to the level of the brackets. Insert both ends to the brackets.

Successfully installing curtain rods can be done in these simple and easy-to-follow guidelines. It is actually a no-brainer, but remembering the facts will help you become better in what you do. If it is your first time to do this, the steps are so easy to take that you will not get lost in the process. Setting rods properly helps enhance the loveliness of a drape or the attractiveness of a curtain, for when the rods hold high, the draperies flow freely. And that is where the beauty of these ornaments comes from.


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