How To Install Double Paned Home Windows

There are many home improvement projects you could do without having to hire a professional, and one of these is installing windows. There are many different types of window you could choose from, and one of the most popular of these is the double-paned window. Double paned windows, as the name implies, are composed of two glass panels. These two glass panels create an airtight, hermetically-sealed space in between them, which provide better indoor insulation than a single-paned window. Choosing double-paned windows for your home would mean reduced energy costs for indoor heating and cooling. However, double-paned windows are mostly recommended if you live in a place that is generally cool; having this type of window in a hot climate will likely prove to be uncomfortable for you.

With this being said, how would you install double-paned home windows? Read on for some very easy steps:

  1. Prepare your materials. You will need your complete double-paned home window assembly, your tape measure, a blunt putty knife, masking tape, screws and drill, and caulking or latex. You may also need a ladder if the window is above your waist level. As a safety measure, make sure that you use protective gloves and goggles as well
  2. Carefully measure the window frame to make sure that your window pane will fit in it exactly. Then, run through the window frame with a putty knife to make sure that there aren’t any glue residues left over from previous window installations. You could also run a rag through it to clean the frame of dusts and dirt.
  3. Put the caulking compound over the entire length of the window frame.
  4. Install the window panes on to the window frame. Have one person hold the pane steadily in position while you drill in the screws with your portable drill. Make sure that you drill in the screws securely but never over-tightly. Also remember to cover the screw heads with wood putty, and then sand this smooth once it dries.
  5. Place a window trim. This will provide the decoration for your window pane. You could buy your window trims decorated already, or you could decorate it using the paint of your choice. It’s always a good idea to coordinate the design and color of your window trim with the rest of your house’s interiors.
  6. Now that the window’s properly installed, you’d just have to test your window to make sure that it smoothly opens and closes. Make sure also to clean your window pane; make it sparkle stunningly by using commercially-available window cleaner and wiping it with old newspaper sheets. 

There you have it! These are some easy steps to install double-paned home windows. If you’re still looking to find out whether this type of window is the best choice for you, you could check out such websites as and to find out the pros and cons of choosing double-paned windows. Good luck!


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