How To Install Drapes

Drapes dramatically alter the look and feel of a room. The ambiance is affected by the heaviness of the material, the kind of material itself, the colors, embellishments, size, and styles. Putting together a terrific design requires your keen attention to details and practical stuff. The same quality is needed for installing drapes. Take a look at the guidelines below to know how you will apply this quality as you mount drapes at home.

  • Plan your design. Think about which drapes you are going to put together for your windows, such as which drapes for a particular room’s windows. You should also consider hanging drapes along walls that are right next to a window frame. This is to create an effect of wider windows and taller walls.
  • Mount the rod. First, you need to install the rod. The rod has specific instructions for its own installation, which you can check out in the manual. Set the rod first on the wall or the window, complete with screws and studs, etc. This is to ensure that you are ready to go head-on with your home decorating project.
  • Create symmetry. Do not just go ahead mounting the rod on the wall. Sometimes the rod is not the right size for your window. It is either longer or shorter. This is where your plan comes in. In your planning, determine which windows will have this and that kind of rod. Make sure the rod is leveled and centered for aesthetic purposes.
  • Determine the distance from the ceiling. This depends on your design preference. You can actually put the rod, plus the drapes thereafter, a few inches below the ceiling and way above the window. This will make your walls and windows look taller. You can also opt to place the rod a few inches above the window. If it is five inches above the window, measure it, and mark it lightly with a pencil.
  • Make final measurements. Now that your length and width sizes are available, you can locate the points where the two lines on both sides meet. Mark the point in each line and make sure one endpoint is aligned with the other endpoint. This is the basis for your rod holes.
  • Install hooks. These hooks are usually shaped like a letter L. Attach them to your indicated points on the wall or window frame. Check if the rod holds up on both hooks.
  • Hang the drapes on the rod. Slip the drapes onto the rod. Make sure the face of the drapes is seen from the inside and the back part through the window. Let the drapes crinkle at the center making the ends of the rod visible. Mount the rod onto the hooks and arrange the middle to bottom part of the drapes so they will appear neat.

Drapes add to the beauty of a home and installing drapes is this easy and fun. It gets exciting as you go down to the last step, is it not? Now that you can view the final look of your drapes, what can you say?


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