How To Install Fabric Blinds

I am going to provide you with some directions to install fabric blinds.

First, you will need some tools such as a tape measure, pencil, flat screwdriver, hammer and nails, drill and bits, level, and scissors. As you may be fastening the anchors into various materials, please use plastic or lead anchors. For drywall or paneling, use plastic anchors. Hollow anchors should be used if you are using an extremely heavy fabric material as well as a wall toggle bolt for sturdiness.

If you are using an inside mount, you need to hold the valence up inside the window and mark the width of the valence. On those marks, move out 1 inch from the wall and make pencil marks.

Next, you will need to hold the valence up and line the dust cover on valance up with depth marks you made with pencil, and drill holes through the valance at the mounting hole marks.

Next, snap the headrail into place. If you are using an outside mount, mark the height on the wall at the length plus 2 inches. Center the headrail over the window at the height marks. Make about a 2” long mark on wall about 4 inches from each end. Hold brackets up 2” marks and mark your mounting holes on the wall. Drill holes at these marks, push the anchors into the drilled holes and screw the brackets into place. Tighten all the screws and snap the headrail into place by inserting the front edge in the mounting clips and rotating back.

To remove the fabric blind, you can release the headrail by inserting a screwdriver between the headrail and the release tab.

When attaching the tension pulley, you should position it toward the back of the window sill so it won't interfere with the fabric. If the cord is too long, you can shorten it or adjust it by re-knotting and cutting off the excess.

After mounting the fabric blinds, your cords may be twisted together. If so, open the blinds all the way and pull out the knot that is the farthest from the end with the cords and chain. Using pliers, get to the knot and hold the cord near the knot and cord near the drive end and twist them both in the same direction. Once done, pull the cords on the end of fabric blind to get the knot back inside the blind.

If you have a valence cover, you must unfold the fabric from the valence ends and push the side of the corner onto the valence ends. This should fit snug behind the trim.


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