How To Install Faux Columns

Columns make a lovely fixture in your home. Not only do they give an impression of sturdiness and strength to the overall look of your house, they create an illusion of grandeur as well. Columns are also helpful in camouflaging low ceilings especially when they extend from the floor up to the ceiling. You can install faux columns to perk up certain areas in your home that look rather drab and somber. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Get ready with all the materials needed. These materials include: square blocks (one inch in thickness, pre-cut with an allowance of two inches more than the columns), pre-fabricated columns, round molding (three-fourth inch thick) nails of different sizes, wood glue, hand saw, miter box (for cutting the molding), sand paper, measuring tape and hammer.
  • Determine the height extending from the floor to ceiling with the use of a measuring tape. Give an allowance for the wood blocks by taking away two and one fourth inches from the entire measurement.
  • Cut the columns according to the derived measurements. Remember to subtract the 2-¼ inches allowance from the whole length. Be careful to make the cuts exactly the same with one another.
  • Attach the column base and wood block together. Use wood glue and small finishing nails to do this step. Position the column on the middle of the base to make sure they are well aligned. The trick is to glue both pieces together first to hold them together. When they are attached well enough – fasten them permanently with finishing nails. In driving the nails to the column and base, follow a forty-five degree angle so the wood will not crack or split.
  • Mount the top portion of the column in place. You need assistance as you do this because there is very little room for you to wiggle and slide the whole piece in its position. The best way to do this is to slide the top portion of the column while at the same time slowly and gently edging the lower portion with your foot. Be sure the top and lower portions touch the ceiling and floor neatly. Take care of the alignment, as you do not want the column to look like the leaning tower of Pisa!
  • Trim the edges. When the column is erected, trim unsightly edges that may jut out from corners. Polish up with sand paper if necessary.
  • Prepare the round molding. Cut the molding with the miter box. Columns are usually round in shape. However it is difficult to achieve a perfectly round molding so you need to cut four pieces to be put together in circular manner at the top and bottom parts of the column. Glue the molding pieces and finish them up with finishing nails.   
  • Put finishing touches. Now that the column is up and its moldings are in place, finish it up by buffing the surfaces with sand paper. Next, apply paint (two layers, at least) on the entire structure. Pastel and cool colors are generally recommended for columns, however you may use any color according to your own liking. If the pre-made columns are already painted, just repaint the areas that suffered cuts and marks during the installation process.

To install faux columns, you need to strictly follow the recommended measurements to make sure the whole fixture will fit snugly on the assigned spot. Remember too, that faux columns – as the term ‘faux’ indicates – are not real hence they are not designed to give support to your ceiling.


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