How To Install French Doors

When installing French doors you need to make sure that you have the right tools, the patience and an extra pair of hands just in case. Once you have decided on your desired French door you can begin your installation process.

The first thing you need to do when installing a French door is measure the door opening. Once you know what the measurements, you can order the precise door that you need. When you receive the door, unpack it but do not remove anything except the packaging around the door.

The tools that you will need are: tape measure, paint, paint brush, screws, screwdriver, shims, and silicone caulking.

Once you have the door out, it is time to caulk the doorsill line underneath where the bottom of the door will be placed. Now you can fit the door inside the opening. Check to make certain the top and bottom of the door are level. Set one hinge jamb with its screw about six inches from the top of the door. Place shims on the top and sides of the door as needed. Put screws in above the hinges and check the evenness of the door all the way around. The door should sit evenly; once everything is completely level and the door is flush with the wall, attach the remainder of the screws.

Now that the door is fairly secure you can unclip the packing clips on the door and it should work properly. Now it's time to put insulation between the door and the frame. Install the molding and caulk the exterior molding to stop any air leaks.  The last step is to paint the moldings on the inside. This isn't strictly necessary, and whether you decide to do it will depend on the finish of the molding and the color of the wall around the frame of the door.

One thing to remember about installing doors is that everything needs to be level or the door won't close properly, so do not put in all the screws and moldings before you determine whether the door has been properly seated into the frame. You should only put in the top hinges and then check the leveling of the door.

Also, if you find it too difficult to install the doors yourself it is wise to consult a remodeler or contracting service to assist you.  If you are trying to install double doors, you will need a few sets of hands or professionals to install the doors correctly, so never be afraid to ask for help.


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