How To Install Hampton Bay Track Lighting

Track lighting became a popular lighting fixture because of its ability to be versatile and to accentuate areas. It is the easiest to install because you don’t have to punch holes on your ceiling. The track is usually ceiling mounted. Hampton Bay has re-invented track lighting by giving more innovative and contemporary track designs instead of the usual bulky track that other track lighting manufacturers develop. So if you are redecorating your home, give it a little lighting boost by installing Hampton Bay track lighting. You will find installing it to be easy, here’s how:

Choose your track design. Hampton Bay lighting fixtures has a variety of tracks that you can choose from. There are rigid tracks and there are tracks that are made of flexible material that can be bent to where you need to point the track lights. Be sure to choose the track that fits your room design and purpose. Next, select the type of halogen lighting you will install on the track. Be sure you get the easiest to take out and snap on.

Disconnect the electrical supply. Turn off the power at the area or room you are working on before installing the Hampton Bay track lighting. You can do this by going to your main power panel and choose the circuit of the room and push the lever to “off.” Put up a sign on the panel to keep other people in your house from turning it on.

Check your track lighting materials. Be sure that you bought the complete set of track lighting. There should be power wires, track bolts, wire caps, the track itself and the halogen lighting fixtures which will be attached to the track.

Install the track light. If you have an existing lighting fixture, use a screwdriver to remove it. In your new track lighting, you will see multiple coloured wires that you need to connect to the electrical conduit. Be sure to match the colors of the wires and cover each wire with the yellow wire caps.

Mount the track.
With a screwdriver, fasten the track to the area in the ceiling where you want to install your track light. Connect your track lighting to the conduit electrical box.

Once your track is installed, slide in the lighting fixtures one by one or if your Hampton ay track lighting just needs to be snapped on the track, snap the lighting fixture one by one depending on where you want to position the lighting.

Once the lights are all snapped or slid into place, turn the head of the lighting fixture to the direction of the area you want to give spot lighting.

Turn on your Hampton Bay lighting.
After securing all wires, tracks and lighting fixtures, turn the electrical circuit on from the main power panel. Turn on the track lighting and be sure to check that all the bulbs are functioning.

With the Hampton Bay track lighting, you can give your home a good lighting accent and highlight important features in your room as well – it may be a painting, sculpture or a diploma. Any way you use the track lighting, you are sure that your room will have good creative illumination.


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