How To Install Hunter Fans

mong the many different varieties of fans, Hunter fans are some of the highest rated fans on the market. Not only are Hunter fans made from quality parts and materials, they are Energy Star rated saving up to 33% of your home’s cooling costs. To get started with installing a Hunter fan, you will need certain tools that include the following: Flat Head, Phillips Screwdriver, Pliers, Hunter Fan, Safety glasses (to avoid debris such as drywall).

  1. The first step in installing a Hunter fan is to open the package after purchasing to insure that all parts are accounted for, i.e. fan motor, mounting bracket, blade, nuts, washers, screws and the fan. A speed ring may come with your purchase. This allows you to assemble the fan blades either on the ground or on a table, then fastening them to the motor after it has been installed onto the ceiling. This makes installation much easier and safer since you won’t be working on a ladder as much.
  2. As a rule of thumb, before ever working on electrical wires, turn the circuit breaker off. Now you may disassemble the preexisting fixture, whether it is a light fixture or an older fan, and unfasten the wiring. If you’re working with new port (instead of disassembling an old fixture) an electrical box will need to be installed in a safe and secure place. Make sure that the electrical box is tightly screwed into a metal or wood frame; never install an electrical box onto drywall. Kits can be purchased at any hardware store if the box requires added support.
  3. Now you’re ready to fasten the fan canopy to the fan motor housing. This can be done by screwing the mounting ring into place. Next step is taking down the preexisting mounting bracket from the electrical box and fastening the new mounting bracket into the same place. Place the assembled motor from the two hooks, positioned on the new mounting bracket.
  4. You are now ready to connect the new wires together starting with the RED ground wire, preventing shock. Then connect the rest of the wires. Make the wires straight and flush then make one loop around the very center with electrical tape. Now tuck the wires inside the canopy. At this time, using the rubber grommets and screws, fasten the ring to the preassembled motor component. The last steps are to connect the cover over the speed ring and finally mount the attractive cover plate.


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