How To Install Interior Window Shutters

Installing window shutters

An interior window shutter, also known as a wood shutter or a plantation shutter, is the ultimate treatment for any window. Like an aperture in cameras that regulate film exposure, shutters control the amount of light passing through a window and entering any room of the house. By adjusting the area of the window to be covered by shutters, the amount of natural light flowing to any part of the house can also be easily controlled. Furthermore, an interior window shutters is a very effective way of ensuring the privacy of your home, blocking out prying voyeurs, in an elegant and stylish way. Certainly, window shutters have more style than the usual venetian blinds.

You have various options in installing your shutters, mainly inside-mount and outside-mount. For the inside-mount, the shutters are mounted inside the window frame. With outside-mount, the shutters are installed along hanging strips, which are usually ¾ by ¾ strips of wood mounted along your outer window casing.  Regardless of installation, shutters may be easily customized, through simple paint or finishes, to better complement the style of your house and windows.

While most people just leave the installation of window shutters to the pros, any capable do-it-yourself enthusiast can easily install shutters on their own. For the most part, manufacturers usually include detailed guides and illustrations in the sales packages for easy installation by the end-user.

To begin installing your internal window shutter, you would need the shutters themselves, a tape measure (to make sure that the shutters fit the window casings), a saw, a screwdriver, shutter, paint or other finishing material (if the shutters come unfinished).

You can attach shutters through inside-mount only if your window and the casing are square. To determine this, you can use a tape measure to get the crosswise length and height of your window. If the difference is greater than two inches, then your only choice is outside-mount.

Once you have the window measurements, you will need to add extra coverage, if you intend to do an outside mount. You will need to carefully trim the shutters with a saw, so that it will fit on your window.

To install the shutters on an outside-mount, you must first install the hanging strips on your window’s exterior, along the window frame. You must place spacers between the panels, and then you can already attach the shutter panels with face-mount hinges. Using a spacer is important to prevent the shutters from binding when opened and closed.

Once you have attached the hinges onto the shutters, you can then position these against the window for mounting. You would usually have to check if the shutters are positioned vertically (there is no offset), and that there is consistent space throughout. You can attach the shutter onto the frame or onto the mounting strips using screws.

Whether you opt for interior or exterior window shutters, these are functional and stylish implements that can make any home classy.


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