How To Install Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar lighting for the outdoors is becoming a rage. Not only do these outdoor lights provide energy savings, they provide illumination and decorative touches to a garden, a patio, a walkway or the whole yard. These lights come in beautiful designs and different sizes. During the day, the various designs add more emphasis to your landscaping and can be used as focal points in your garden. At night, they provide you not only illumination, but also provide safety for problem areas like pathways, stairs and fences. It also gives the right ambience for a night out in your garden to watch the stars and relax.

These outdoor solar lights are equipped with a rechargeable NiCad battery that stores the energy from the sun during the day. These come with sensors that ensure the lights will automatically turn on when it becomes dark outside.

They do not need underground wiring as they do not use electricity. You only need to place them in areas where they get the most sunlight for maximum battery charging. The choice is yours when it comes to style and size.

Here is what you need to do to install outdoor solar lighting.

Choose the type of light you want. Styles, sizes and designs may vary but solar lights come in three basic types – staked into the ground, wall-mounted or pole-mounted. Choose one that is encased in stainless steel or aluminum for strength and durability. Get those with solar LED lights as these types use less energy than bulbs and will last longer.

Wall-mounted lights. These types are harder to install since the installation procedure will vary depending on the where you want to install the solar lights. This type of outdoor solar light comes with a separate solar panel and a cord. To install this, lightly trace the base outline of the solar light on the wall and mark the places where you need to drill holes. Align the base to the traced outline so you know that the outdoor solar light has been installed rightly. Mount the solar panel on the side of the house where it can be fully exposed to the sun during the day.

Ground lights. There are several designs to choose from. This can be tiki torches or lanterns mounted on poles or hanging from stakes. Whatever design you choose, the installation is the same. Mark the places where you want to put the outdoor solar lights. If this will be on a long pathway, then divide the area in equal distances. Check that all the areas you have marked are fully exposed to the sun and no trees will provide shade on some of the areas during any time of the day. Dig holes on each marked area and push the stake in. It will help if you measure the height of the stake and run a string above the start of the pathway up to the end as guide so you do not have to measure each one and you are ensured that all the stakes are of the same height. Make sure that all the stakes are driven upright and will be exposed directly to sunlight. Some types come with a separate solar panel and cable. With this type, mount the solar panel where it can take full advantage of the sun during the day.

Pole-mounted lights. Some outdoor solar lights come with clamps so you can attach them to poles. The solar panel may be included in the lamp fixture or attached to the back of the light. For those that have the solar panels built in within the fixture, you need to attach the lights at an angle where it can get maximum sun exposure to recharge the battery. If the solar panel is attached to the back of the light, then you only need to set the panel at the right angle to face the sun.

Browse the shops first and check each style and design and get those that will fully complement your place and give you the maximum illumination that you need for each area where you want to place these outdoor solar lights.


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