How To Install a Rock Fountain: Beautiful Garden Fountains

Learn About the Water Pump and More

Rock fountains are common garden attractions. They give a relaxing feel as the sound of water flowing provides a calming effect, and the water adds some humidity to the warm, dry air. You can either buy a ready made fountain and simply place it in the yard, or install your own. If you choose the latter, here are some helpful tips:

Choose the right location.  You will be digging a pond for your fountain, so it is safer to check with your local electric utility whether there are underground cables in your yard. Also check your plumbing system. It's best to place the rock fountain near a power source, since the pump will be run with electricity. Make sure that the wiring from the power source to the rock fountain is safe and dry, and will not come in contact with water. This should be easily accessed and not permanently concealed, so if there are any problems, it can be repaired and replaced, without trouble. 

Dig and install the pond. Dig the pit where the pond will be placed. It is best to use a pre-formed pond liner for convenience. The measurement of the pit should be the same as that of the pond liner. Any adjustment on the size can be made with sand. Place the pond liner into the pit. Make sure that the rim protrudes from the ground, around an inch higher. This will eventually be covered by rocks and stones. Once the liner is installed, you may now place a metal grate on which the rock will be placed. You can recycle metal grates used for firewood to save on cost. To prevent rusting, coat the metal grate with anti-rust paint.

Install the plumbing. The fountain pump will now be placed in the pond liner, and will be protected by the metal grate. Then place the rock at the center of the metal grate. The hole at the bottom of the rock should not be covered by the grate, so that the tube can be placed properly. With the rock in place, the tubing can be installed. Place it in the hole in such a way that it does not show, but is placed in a way that water flows out with a bubbling spring effect. Test the water pump and check for clogs. If it is working properly, then you can now place the finishing touches.

Put finishing touches on the garden fountains. You may now place flat rocks around the granite rock to cover the metal grate. Ideal rocks are river bed rocks and lime stones. Broken bricks can also do the job. To create a better trickling sound from the water, place the river rocks on the part where water will flow. Then you can put small plants or a Bermuda grass around the rim of the pond liner to conceal it. You can also use rocks instead of grass. Sprinkle small stones and sand around the area outside for finishing touches. You can now show off your garden water fountains to your friends.


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