How To Install Scarf Window Treatments

There are several ways for you to give your windows a beautiful treatment other than hanging curtains. Installing window scarf is just one of them. You can use the existing curtain rod or install decorative brackets, scarf ties and choose an elegant, colorful or lush fabric, depending on how much light you want to penetrate the scarf. Window scarves are used in place of valances, draperies or curtains. These appear softer because of the way these are hung and give you more options for additional embellishments. Here are the steps for installing scarf window treatments.

  • Determine how much fabric you will need, taking into account the lengths of the side jabots, plus how many swag holders or brackets you will install to create the loops and the fabric sag in between the swag holders. Use a tape measure to determine the total length of the fabric. Side jabots should fall at least two thirds of the way down the sides.
  • Install the swag holders or decorative brackets where you want them, dividing the width of the window equally. You can also use curtain rods in combination with the decorative brackets. The placement of the brackets should be a few inches outside the window frame. A central bracket will cause the window scarf to form two swags. If the window is very wide you may have to install more brackets or use a long curtain rod and loop the scarf over it. This can make an interesting effect if you use two types and colors of fabrics, forming two-toned waves.
  • Choose fabrics that you will use as window scarf. Light and flimsy fabrics will give the most beautiful draping because of the softness of the material. You can use printed fabrics or combine two solid colors, or use one plain and one textured fabric for more visual effect and elegant touch. Purchase pins and tiebacks if you need them. Sew the ends of the fabric so they do not fray and give the window scarf a clean look.
  • Take the length of fabric that will be used for one window and fold it in half to find the center. Mark this with a pin. If you are using sheer fabric you can just gather it in the middle and place it on the center bracket. Place the rest of the fabric on the corner brackets and allow the side jabots to fall. Arrange how deep the fabric will sag between brackets. You can use tiebacks to secure the corners of the scarf on the side brackets.
  • If you are using thicker fabrics you need to pleat them first before you place them over the brackets or rods. Pleating will ensure that you will have nice folds on the side jabots. And the fabric will drape better over rods or brackets.

Use the Internet to search for information on the different ways you can install window scarves. You should also find very good examples from home decorating magazines. Accessories and embellishments will make your window scarf unique. You can look for gossamer butterflies and attach them to the tiebacks if your have a floral-patterned window scarf. The ideas are endless and it is up to you to exercise your creativity to create the most stunning window scarf treatment.


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