How To Install Shutters on Brick

Exterior shutters add a bit of whimsy and country appeal to brick houses. It is a decorative addition that can provide focus and definition to the windows. Shutters come in different styles, shapes, sizes and colors. You have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to exterior shutters. You can definitely find the right one that will greatly complement your house. Check online stores and local dealers to find the right style that will suit your house and your budget. Most of the exterior shutters are made of vinyl for durability. It is quite easy to install shutters when the exterior of the house is made of wood or concrete. There are some considerations though when installing shutters on brick. Below are some tips.

  • Measure the height and width of the windows where you plan to install shutters. Search for the appropriate shutters from local dealers, home improvement shops and online shops. Check out colors and styles. If the shutters are on stock then you can take them home with you. You may have to place an order, otherwise.
  • Align one panel of the shutter against the side of the window, as close to the window opening as possible but over the mortar between the bricks. The reason for this is because it will be easier to drill and patch holes on mortar than on bricks. Bricks are usually reinforced with metal making it very hard and difficult to drill. Make sure that the panel is fairly straight so you can take good measurements. Have someone hold the panel for you as you take measurements. You have to mark the spots where the screws will go. For a narrow shutter, measure five inches from the top of the shutter and mark the spot. Do the same for the bottom of the shutter panel mark a spot in rail between the top and bottom marks. Repeat the process for the other shutter panel.
  • Place the shutter panel face up on a sawhorse. Use a square ruler to transfer the marks you have place on the side of the shutter to the front, along the stile. Make sure that you are marking the right spots.  Draw a vertical line from the top to the bottom at the center of the stile. Mark the spots where the horizontal lines from the side intersect with the vertical line along the stile. These will be the exact spots where the holes will be drilled. Use a 3/16” steel drill bit and drill the holes exactly on the marks that you have made.
  • Hold the shutter panel against the side of the window once again. Replace the steel drill bit with a long masonry bit. Align the holes on the shutter panel on the mortar portion between bricks. Position the shutter panel exactly in the designated place. Insert the drill bit through the hole on the shutter panel and mark the exact spot where you will drill holes on the mortar. Just press the drill a bit to make a mark. Repeat for all the holes.
  • Place the shutter panel down and use a ¼-inch masonry bit to drill holes on the mortar to a depth of 2 ¾ inches. Insert the masonry anchor, pounding it with a rubber mallet.
  • Get the shutter panel and align the holes. Use the masonry screws included in the masonry anchor and screw the shutter in place, until the head of the screw is flush against the surface of the shutter. Repeat for the other panel of the shutter.

When installing shutters on brick, take into consideration that the shutters may outlast the house. Also consider if you are going to install permanent shutters or removable shutters and if you are going to use shutter locks.


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