How To Install Smoke Detectors in your Home

People’s primary concern has always been the safety and security of themselves and their families. Your home is the place where you keep all your valuables, your investments, and of course, where your family resides, and for sure, you want all of these things to be kept safe and secure. A fire in your home would probably be one of your worst nightmares. Do install smoke detectors in your home, as this is one of your top protections against fire.

  1. Determine where to place your smoke detector.   Firefighters suggest that you install your smoke detectors on ceilings at the far wide of the window or doors, and on the higher part of your wall. Smoke travels up to the ceiling first, so the earlier they are detected by smoke detectors high up in your room, the earlier you are then alerted of the situation. If you have a carbon monoxide detector on the other hand, do install them near the floor. Because this gas is heavier, it tends to build up from the floor up.
  2. If you have a multi-leveled home, install detectors on every level.  Put them up in sleeping areas, and sparingly in kitchen, laundry and bathroom, as there are activities in these areas that produce smoke (such as cooking or cigarette smoking).
  3. Here are tips on how to install your smoke detectors:
    • Before mounting the bracket, measure the corresponding holes for them.
    • Mark the same distance on your preferred location and drill small holes.
    • Mount the rest of the apparatus into the bracket.
  4. Conduct regular tests and maintenance.  Smoke detectors have a test button that when pressed can determine whether the batteries are working. The test buttons of carbon monoxide detectors produce a loud noise when pressed – an indication that the mechanism is working properly. If you can only hear a faint noise or there is no noise at all, check the batteries or replace if necessary.
  5. Replace batteries at least twice in a year.  Upon replacement, conduct a test to see whether the batteries are installed properly.
    Apart from batteries, carbon monoxide detectors have chemicals that are required for them to function properly.  Also regularly check this to guarantee functionality of your device. 
  6. Have an escape plan.  Along with installing smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors, it is equally important that in such emergencies, you and your family have an escape plan.

In case of emergency, don’t panic, but seek help immediately and contact the nearest emergency and fire assistance.

Now that you have properly installed your smoke detectors, you might also want to consider installing other devices such as heat detectors, fire alarm systems, motion detectors, or burglar alarm systems. When it comes to safety, it is really important to do whatever you can to prevent unfavorable circumstances. Remember, no one can really protect you and give you preventive measures against all emergencies, except yourself. It is better to invest now in preventative equipment than to wish that you had. 


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