How To Install Some Artificial Turf

If you would love to set up a lawn but don't have the time or patience to maintain grass, then you should opt to install artificial turf. Setting up artificial turf as a replacement for real grass will be a good compromise in creating a natural-looking lawn, while reducing the costs to maintain grass such as water and fertilizer. Purchasing artificial turf might be more expensive than actual grass, but in the long run, you will definitely cut back on maintenance costs and the hassles of mowing, weeding and replanting. If you are interested in installing artificial turf, below are some steps on how to do this.

  • Gather the stuff you need. You will need to make your “lawn” as realistic as possible, so you'll need the following: shovel, sand, gravel or pea stone, wheelbarrow, rake, tamper or a soil contractor, artificial turf, a utility knife and steel pins. You will find these at any of the gardening stores in your area.
  • Imagine how your landscape will look. Before anything else, plan the lay of the land. You have to decide where you want to put your artificial turf. Find the spots that need dressing up or livening up with the presence of grass. Once you have decided on a location, measure the length and width of the spot where you will be putting the artificial turf. Measure the whole area, even if you plan to put rocks or other materials in it.
  • Purchase the artificial turf. You can call ahead and order the amount of artificial turf you will need. Most come in large rolls, which will actually be cheaper, as compared to buying a bit at a time. Find the roll that comes closest to your needs.
  • Prep the spot. Whether outdoors or indoors, you should clean the area where you want your artificial turf to be. Remove all dust, weeds, branches, dried leaves, and dirt from the area. If natural grass is still there, you might want to remove this as well. Prepare a clean slate for your masterpiece so things can be done properly.
  • Start digging. Dig into the top soil to bring out the subsoil. Since you want to expose the subsoil, you should dig around 6 inches deep into the top soil. Level the soil as soon as you see the subsoil.
  • Prepare the base. Your base will be a mixture of sand and gravel. Mix these two components and pour onto the soil. This coarse mixture will prevent rain from puddling into your foundation. The sand and gravel will aid to drain the rains better and straight into the soil where the absorption rate will be better. Distribute the mixture well by using a rake, then use a soil compactor to firm up the mixture of sand and pea, thus creating a solid base.
  • Lay it down. Now take your artificial turf and lay it down onto the base. Trim the edges and smooth corners by using pruning shears or a utility knife. Once you are satisfied with how it looks, secure the edges of the turf by pinning them with steel pins.

Now you have an instant garden, and you can enjoy the benefits of green grass, all year round.


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