How To Install Swinging Door Hardware

Doors can be made from different materials such as wood, glass and steel. These also have different styles. Some are painted, others are carved, some are heavy and some are light. There are different types of doors such as hinged doors, rotating doors, folding doors and others. A swing door is a type of hinge door which can be opened on either direction. You can push it outwards or pull it inwards to open. If you want to install a door in your house or your door is damaged and you want to replace it, you can install a swinging door. You don’t have to hire someone to install it for you. This will save you money because you don’t have to pay for the installation of your door. However, if your door is heavy, you may want to ask a friend or a family member to help you when lifting it.

To install swinging door hardware, here are the steps you need to do:

  • Get a jack plane and use it to smooth the edges of the door.
  • Check the manufacturer’s instructions and see the specified measurement for the distance between the top pivot cap and the side jamb.
  • Mark the area where the top pivot should be placed on the head jamb based on the measurement specified in the manufacturer’s instruction.
  • Get the top pivot cap and screw it on the mark you put on the head jamb.
  • Check the manufacturer’s instructions and see how to get the measurement for the pivot socket. Screw the pivot socket on the top edge of the door as stated on the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Draw a straight line from the bottom of the door about half inch from the side jamb. Get the floor hinge assembly and align its upper part on the straight line you draw then using a pencil, trace the outline of the whole floor hinge assembly.
  • Cut the wood on the floor hinge outline so that you can fit the hinge. You can use a chisel and a handsaw to cut the woods. After cutting the woods in the outline, put the hinge on the area where the wood is cut.
  • You are now ready to fit the pivot cap and pivot socket. Ask someone to help you with this because you will need to lift the door. With the help of your friend or family member, life the door making sure that the pivot cap will fit to the pivot socket.
  • Screw the hinge on the floor which is fitted on the wood you cut out on the door. On the bottom hinge, turn the alignment screw to center the door and adjust the spring tension to let the door swing. Get the trim plates provided in the materials you bought from the manufacturer and use this to cover the space at the bottom edge of the door as well as the hinge.

Your swinging door is now ready to use. You don’t have to think if you need to push or pull to open the door especially if you’re in a hurry because this will open either way. If you’re carrying a lot of things and there’s no one to open the door for you, you can push it or walk through it and it will open.


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