How To Install the Seat Boards for Garage Storage Shelves

Are you frustrated in looking all over your house for your pliers? Do you hate seeing storage boxes placed around your house? If your answer is “yes” to either one of these questions, consider installing a garage storage shelf. Organizing your things in a garage storage shelf reduces clutter in your house. No more tools lying around your garden or backyard as it is all kept away in your garage. It also makes locating things easier as they are all stored in one place.

You have several options for garage storage shelf which can fit a big or a small garage. If you have a big garage, you can install your shelving unit on any of its sides. However, if your garage is small, you have to mount your storage shelf on the wall near the ceiling. You can either opt to buy a shelf from the store or make the shelf yourself. Although it is tempting to get a shelf from a store, it is more economical to assemble the garage storage shelf on your own.

Making the frame of your garage shelf is easy to do and you can find many helpful articles and videos on the Internet regarding this. Once you have built the frame, you have to install the seat boards of your shelf. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Gather your materials. To install the seat boards for your garage storage shelf, you’ll need an Oriented Strand Board (OSB), deck screws, and a drill. You must also have a frame ready for your garage storage shelf. Before starting the installation, inspect for another time if the location of your shelf doesn’t interfere with your car. Realizing early that your shelf blocks your car makes it easier to make changes. If your shelf leaves a little space for your car to maneuver, consider mounting your shelf high on the wall.
  • Cut the OSB. Once you’ve gathered all of the materials, cut the OSB according to the depth that you want for your shelf. If you want your shelf to have a depth of thirty inches, for instance, cut your OSB to thirty inches.
  • Install the OSB to the frame. After you’ve cut the OSB to your desired depth, spread your frame and put the OSB in. Position your OSB flat on the frame and secure it with deck nails. Do this to each of the frame’s levels.

Plan your garage storage shelf well. Don’t overflow your shelf or it might give way. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, asses the things that you’re going to place on your shelf to determine the size and material you’re going to use in making your shelf. Knowing the size and material of your garage storage shelf also helps you budget how much you’re going to spend for this project.

For tips in making a garage storage shelf, ask do-it-yourself stores or home improvement centers. You can also search online for communities that specialize in do-it-yourself work. Members of these communities are always open to helping others.


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