How To Install Video Surveillance Cameras at Your Home or Office

Installing a video surveillance camera is the best way to safeguard your life and property. With this device, you are able to track down suspicious movements around your vicinity and inside your abode or office. Video surveillance cameras have high tech features that allow the recording of images even in the dark. They also have detectors that can send signals when there are uncommon motions in certain areas. You can monitor everything that is being captured and recorded by video surveillance cameras through the Internet by means of remote audio-video monitoring method.

With all the security benefits you can have from video surveillance cameras, no doubt you now want to install one in your home or office. Follow these guidelines:

  • Decide what type of surveillance camera you want to install in your place. Before buying a unit, try to gather as much information as you can from other users and friends who can testify on the credibility and efficiency of the various types of surveillance cameras. There is a wide array of choices in the market and it can be confusing which one to choose considering that all of them seem to have the best features. Hence it is wise that you consult someone who has experience with this gadget.
  • Choose the room where the surveillance camera will be installed. This depends on the security issues involved. If there is one particular room in your house where, in your mind, some suspicious activities are going on, then pick that room. Some homeowners and office managers even opt to install one camera in every area. This can entail a lot of expenses, but if it is the surest way to secure your area, then you might as well consider this option.
  • Pick the best spot and angle where you can set up the camera. The best angle is in a corner up the ceiling from where the camera can capture all corners of the room. There are rotating cameras available in the market. If you want a full coverage of the area all the time, you can use this type.
  • Select a sturdy bracket for the camera. Make sure it can hold the weight of the camera. Also, when you mount the bracket on the wall, see to it that the wall is sturdy and solid.
  • Attach the bracket to the wall with the use of large screws. Mount the camera on the bracket and secure with screws as well. You want the camera to be discrete and unnoticeable, so you might as well hide the cables under the ceiling or camouflage them with fixtures such as a hanging plant or frame. The electric socket should likewise be hidden from view.
  • Turn on the camera and configure its system by following the instructions on the box. It should be well synchronized with the monitor (preferably placed in your own private office or room) and control system.

If you plan to set up a more complicated video surveillance system, get in touch with a professional installer. You might need to purchase more cameras and more monitors for this kind of set up. Anyhow, if it will be for your own good and peace of mind, a video surveillance network system is not a bad idea at all. 


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