How To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring

If you are thinking of installing hardwood flooring in your home but is turned off by its price, here’s a solution for you: Try to install vinyl plank flooring instead. It has the look of hardwood but is much cheaper and is waterproof. Plus, it is so easy to set up. If you are an ordinary do-it-yourselfer, you can install the vinyl plank flooring without much trouble. This how-to article will teach you how.

  • Measure the floor. Begin by emptying the room; you need to remove all furniture and other items. Measure the length and width of the room and determine the room’s square foot measurement. This will help you know the number of vinyl planks you will use.
  • Prepare the floor. First things first, strip the old flooring off. Although you can install the vinyl plank over the old flooring, it will bond more to a smooth surface. Using a scraper, remove the flooring. Get rid of the nails, staples, and other forms of adhesive as well. You can use a sander, crow bar, and claw hammer for this. If the floor is not level, apply compound to any dents and cracks. When the floor is already free of old flooring and adhesive, sweep it several times to make sure it is smooth and clean.
  • Begin to install. Determine the area where you need to start installing. In typical cases, it has to be on the left corner of the room. The vinyl planks should be lined up straight, so you need to mark the floor with chalk line. Get one vinyl and remove the protective sheet from its adhesive side. Press it down in place, making sure it bonds well. Continue putting more vinyl planks until the entire row is covered.
  • Complete the second row. The second row should be started with a half plank. Simply get one plank and cut it. Peel off the protective sheet and lay the plank down horizontally. Then, follow it up with full planks, completing the entire row. The first and second rows will create a staggering pattern, creating a genuine hardwood look.
  • Move on to the third row. The third row should be like the first row; it should be started with a full plank. Continue sticking full planks to your floor to finish off the third row. Now, complete the staggering effect by starting your fourth row with a half plank. The alternation of full and half plank starters should be done for the remaining rows, fully accomplishing the staggering effect.
  • Allow the vinyl plank flooring to settle. The new flooring will require at least a day to fully settle. After this, you can bring the furniture and other items back to the room.

Self-adhesive vinyl plank, the one used for this guide, is only one type. There is another type that requires a separate adhesive. Many homeowners prefer this to self-adhesive plank since it is thicker and therefore much more durable. If you wish to use this kind, remember to install it using the manufacturer-recommended adhesive. Using other adhesives simply will not work. Apply adhesive to a small section and begin installing the planks in the same way self-adhesive planks are installed.


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