How To Install Vinyl Tile in a Bathroom

Besides the wall, your bathroom floor is one of the major points of the room. The way your flooring looks will affect the overall appearance of your bathroom. It’s a good idea to transform your bathroom by installing vinyl tile. This is an inexpensive, easy, and fast way to transform any room.

There are peel-and-stick alternatives of this tile and using those, your job will be a lot easier. You don’t even need to call a professional to do the job. Below are the steps to follow when installing vinyl tile in a bathroom:

  • Choose. Vinyl tiles commonly measure 12” by 12”. So, they cover exactly a square foot of the bathroom floor. Deciding how many vinyl tiles to buy will be easy by taking the measurement of the floor you want to be covered with this tile. Vinyl tiles also come in various styles and texture. Getting your desired design won’t be difficult with your many options.
Vinyl tiles are priced from $0.75 to about $3 each. The more expensive tiles are better grades, which come with up to 20-year warranty.
  • Prepare. Although vinyl tiles are stick-on, you don’t just stick them on the floor and think that your job is finished. Preparing the floor for the vinyl tiles is very important. It doesn’t matter if you have a wooden or concrete floor. The important thing is that your floor is in good condition. There should be no cracks, dips, and bumps. All these should be repaired before you stick anything on the floor.
If you have an existing vinyl floor, it is advised that you apply a primer or leveler layer on the floor. This should remedy dents on the floor and will smooth out any uneven surface. Use a straight-edged trowel or a wide bladed putty knife to apply the layer.
For concrete walls, patch any cracks or holes. Remove bumps and ridges also with a cold chisel. Heavy grit sandpaper can also do the trick. Sanding the concrete floor, especially if it has paint on, is highly advised.
  • Lay out. Decide on the pattern of the vinyl tiles, especially if you have different styles. Where should this one design go and how should the other tile design be put on the floor? Draw lines on the floor as your reference guide. With lines on, you can foresee where cut tiles should go. Start laying out vinyl tiles from the center. The tiles here don’t have to be cut.
  • Cut the edge. After laying out all the whole vinyl tiles, it will be time to trim other tiles that have to go on the edge using a utility knife. The knife can be helpful also for cutting irregular shapes and curves.
  • Finish it up. The bathroom floor should be covered with vinyl tiles by now. Install moldings on the floor to cover any small gaps. Remove dirt and debris on the floor after putting the moldings on.

You can already walk on your new vinyl tile-covered bathroom floor right after this step. But it’s advisable that you wait for about two to three days before washing the floor. The glue should be well set-up by that time.


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