How To Install Wainscoting

There’s no better place in this world like home. Spending a big part of the day at work can really be tiring but a sudden thought of being in the house dramatically uplift our tired mind and body.  Home is where we find peace.  Far from the busy and wearisome world we’re living in. A special place where we feel genuinely accepted. With all this joy a good house can give, doesn’t it deserve proper care and maintenance? Don’t you think now is the right time for some renovation and home improvement? After all, the very first person who will benefit from it is you.

Upgrading the design and interior of your house can be costly most of the time especially these days where prices get too high. Ranging from the prices of home materials, decors to wooden panels, considerable amount of budget really counts.  But just like humans who deserve some pampering from time to time, the house also deserves the same thing.

With this, adding a luxurious appearance like wainscoting can give an immediate change in the house’s interior.  Wainscoting refers to wooden paneling that cover the lower section of a wall, topped with a chair rail and traditionally associated with expensive wood and professional finishing carpenters. Although this was how it had been known for, having this in our own home doesn’t have to be that expensive.

Here are the steps on how to install wainscoting:

  • Visit the local hardware and look for the design that fits your home. Prefinished or ready-to-finish products are always available depending on your preference and they come in affordable prices. Wainscoting is usually 45” from the floor and regular panels are 4 x 8 ft.
  • Get the measurement of your room to determine the number of panels you should buy. Always get at least one extra just in case one was damaged or destroyed during installation.
  • Once done in buying the materials, it is advisable not to start the installation right away. Since wainscoting is a wood product, it would be best to let it acclimatize first. Wooden products expand and contract with moisture and temperature in any given place.
  • Before beginning the installation, clear off any switch plates and outlet covers from the wall.
  • Make sure the top of the wainscot is level all around the room. 42 ½” is the safe measurement since floors are rarely level.
  • Start installing the wainscot from the corner with panel adhesive, paneling nails or compressor nail gun.
  • When finished with the entire room, place caulking in the gaps so that the panels can move with changes in the temperature. Caulking should be the same color as the wainscoting.
  • Install the baseboards and chair rail then.

It doesn’t take a single day to install wainscoting. Work on what you can one day at a time so that the finish work will be well-polished. It really can be very exciting to see the finish work but hurrying wouldn’t help. Take it slowly then enjoy the beauty of your newly installed interior.


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