How To Install Wainscoting in the Bathroom

Installing new tiles or adding some fancy decorations in your bathroom can be great ways to turn your old-looking room to an elegant one. There is a better, faster, easier, and cheaper way, though. That is, by installing wainscoting in the bathroom.

Wainscoting is a piece of wooden sheet. This is available in various textures and designs so you can find the perfect new look that you want for your bathroom. Follow the steps below to transform your bathroom by installing wainscoting:

  • Select the best wainscoting for your bathroom. Decide on the design, color, and size of the wainscoting you’ll use for the bathroom. Look at some elegant bathroom designs for inspiration.
  • Measure the elevation. Draw where the wainscoting should be installed in the bathroom. Consider its height from the floor and also other things you are planning to install in the bathroom like a decorated wood or some nicely designed frames under it.
  • Prepare the bathroom for the project. The bathroom should be free from any disturbing clutter before you start the project. You don’t want to spend your whole time trying to avoid the door. Better remove that for a while for easier mobility in the room.
  • Mark the layout. With all the pieces at hand, you are now ready to mark the layout for the wainscoting. Where will that piece of wood go and how about the frames? Decide on the spaces, the pattern, etc. Everything should be drawn on the wall as if you’ll only put the missing pieces together to get your desired design.
  • Measure and cut. Some points on the bathroom will not be straight and perfect for the wainscoting you have. You might need to cut them and some will need special curves and shapes. Measure the cuts and make sure you cut accurately on the wood. It will be difficult to remedy inaccurate cuts. Better be sure with proper cutting.
  • Stick the wainscoting panel on. Put some glue behind the wainscoting panel. Use the proper kind of glue for woods. Properly stick the panel on the wall. After that, mark on the spots where you need to put the nails on.
  • Install the molding. Put the molding just above the wainscoting panel. The proper placing will depend on your desired design and the proper installation for the molding.
  • Install the baseboard. This will give a nice finish for the wainscoting. You can glue the baseboard but it’s better if you nail the edges. Measure the baseboard accurately, too, before you put it on the panel. A perfect measurement will give you smoother finish.
  • Ready for painting. Use sand paper to smooth out any unevenness on the finished wainscoting. Wipe the panel with a clean and damp cloth to remove any specks from the sanding. Wait until the panel is completely dry before you paint it on.

The finished wainscoting should never be flushed with water until after about two days. This should give enough time for the glue to dry and set up.


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