How To Install Window Sensors for a Home Security Alarm System

No one wishes for it but it’s always possible for every household—a burglar breaking in. It’s scary to know that someone has already entered the house. But what’s scarier is the possible harm that this person can do to you and your family. You’ll be lucky if you’ll only get bruises. What if this could be the end of your life? That is why installing window sensors is a very important addition to a home security alarm system.

Windows are among the most common entry points for burglars. Installing sensors for this part of the house will increase safety for your family. Installing it yourself, especially the less elaborate one, is easy that you can do it yourself.

Here are the steps to follow when installing window sensors for a home security alarm system:

  • Select the best point for the window sensors. The perfect height should be high enough for cracking the window but it should not be high enough for crawling in through window opening. To find the perfect point, open the window a little bit. The opening should be enough for safely cracking the sensor. The window sensor should be put on either the top or the bottom of the window frame. It should be closer to the hinges.
  • Install the trigger. On your selected spot, place the sensor trigger by screwing it on. The trigger must be placed so that the window can still be normally closed or opened.
  • Install the switch. Add the switch on the window frame. This should be lined up with the already installed trigger. Secure the switch in place using drywall nails or screws. The switch should also be flushed against the window frame, just like how you have installed the sensor trigger.
  • Connect the sensor. There are two kinds of window sensors when it comes to connection. One is the wired sensor and the other is the wireless sensor. For wired sensors, you’ll have to connect it to the central circuit board by running a wire from the sensor to the board. If you can, the wires should run through the walls. If not, simply run the wire, following the frame and the wall’s bottom.
For wireless sensors, you need to fit some batteries into it and it should run normally through that.
  • Try the sensor. Turn on the house alarm system. Normally open and close your window. The alarm should go off when you close the window.

Once the window sensors are installed, every family member should be informed about them. They should know what to do to make sure they won’t trigger the sensor accidentally. You don’t want your house to be known for accidental triggers. The police and other concerned authorities might not believe in your house’s alarm anymore. What if a real burglar will break in your house and they think it’s just another accidental trigger?

Along with installing safety device like this is responsibility. The whole family should understand their responsibility with owning a home security alarm system. Or else, this might work against your benefits and safety.


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