How To Install Window Tint or Decorative Film on Your Patio Door

Glass tint and films serve three purposes. One, they protect your house interior from sun heat and glare. Two, they offer privacy, preventing people from looking into your home. And three, they add beauty to your house because of their decorative designs. If you wish to put tint or decorative film on your glass windows and doors, expect it to be very easy. In fact, you can finish it within an hour or so. Learn how to do this by reading the guide below.

  • Have your tools lined up. The nice thing about this installation project is that the tools are very basic. You will need scissors, razor knife, plastic card squeegee, tape measure, spray bottle, ruler, and paper towels.
  • Prepare the wetting solution. The wetting solution will be used to stick the film to the glass. You will only need 32 ounce of clean water and one squeeze amount of mild detergent, dishwashing soap, or baby shampoo. Put this solution in the spray bottle. In case you are installing the film during a very cold weather, consider using windshield cleaner.
  • Clean the glass. The glass window or door should be very clean and smooth; otherwise, the film won’t bond to the surface. Remove all dirt, dust, grease, or oil using hot water. Refrain from using chemical cleaners, as they might affect the adhesiveness of the film.
  • Measure the surface. Using a tape measure, get the width and length of the glass window or door. Use these measurements to cut the film. Make sure to add an extra inch on all sides.
  • Wet the film. Lay the film on a clean, flat surface, its protective sheet facing up. Carefully peel off the protective sheet, one section at a time. As you peel it off, spray wetting solution onto the section.
  • Wet the glass. The glass should also be moist to promote adhesiveness. So make sure to spray a good amount of wetting solution onto the entire glass.
  • Install the film onto the glass. Carefully bring the film onto the glass and press it onto the glass’ interior side. Make sure the film is straight. If necessary, adjust its position by sliding it toward the right angle. You can easily do this because the surface is slick.
  • Press the film flat. Starting from the top, run your plastic card squeegee toward the bottom side to remove any air bubbles and wetting solution. Continue doing this until the film is flat on all parts.
  • Cut the excess parts of the film. With the ruler as your guide, run the knife along the length of the film to slice the excess. Make sure to cut from the point where the glass meets the frame.

When done with the installation, wipe the entire glass surface with paper towels. Then, leave it for around one to two days to completely dry. In some cases, though, drying may take longer than that period. So wait patiently. When the film is already dry, you can benefit from its decorative and shading functions for several years.


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