How To Install Wood Fences

Wood fences are already part of human history as they are initially installed as part of the early domestication of animals. However, nowadays, wood fences can be used for other purposes. When used as part a house decoration, it adds elegance to your garden.

If you want your own wood fence to complement your house, then here are the steps that you need to follow.

  • Get the required tools. The tools you need are normal building tools like post-hole digger, shovel, hammer, carpenter’s square, level, mason’s line, punch, nails, mechanical drill, screws, chalk, mallet, and wooden boards. For individuals who do not have a post hole-digger, don’t fret because there are several stores which will allow you to rent one so you need not spend hundreds of dollars on it. If it is your first time to use a post-hole digger, familiarize yourself with the proper technique in handling it to avoid unwanted accidents during installation.
  • Choose a fence design to install. In determining the fence design, take into consideration the style of your house as well as its landscape so the installed fence fits perfectly with the complete structure of the place. It will also remove unnecessary problems with land elevation or the existence of gardens and ponds. If this is your first time to do construction work, then it is best to initially settle for a simple design. You can replace your wood fence with a more complicated design eventually as you become more comfortable with your construction skills. Installing a picket fence is the simplest and most common type of design which you can easily do on your own and is perfect for domestic boundaries.
  • Assemble the picket fence. Line the wooden boards side by side. Using a mechanical drill, start drilling holes in the upper middle, and lower middle portions of the wooden board to serve as fence connectors. Paint the boards afterwards after placing the holes to avoid painting the screw. After drilling the holes, begin screwing the fence connectors to the wooden peg. Test the strength of the fence, and if needed, hammer a few nails so it can reinforce the connection.
  • Set the first post. Begin by marking the area where you intend to install the fence. Using the post-hole digger, dig holes that are approximately 1 foot deep. The pre-assembled picket fence will be placed in these holes. Using a mallet, hammer down the fence. Cover the hole with soil and do the same technique with the other holes that you have previously dug until the complete fence has been installed.

Wood fences are wonderful additions to a home because of their functionality and attractiveness. You can try to do it on your own, but having two or more companions is better. Employ the help of your family so you’ll have help with the installation and designing. But, if you’re uncomfortable doing a full length fencing of your lawn, you may begin by installing little wood fences for your garden shrubs.


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