How To Insulate Solid Walls

Concrete walls may not provide the most effective protection for your home against the cold.  This is why many people consider insulating them.  Lining a concrete wall with insulation can significantly increase the retention of heat and energy in your home.  You can easily do it yourself with the right tools and materials.  Here are some steps to insulate your concrete walls for optimal protection from the cold.

  • Measure the wall.  The first step will require you to measure the height and width of your walls.  These figures will be the basis of the size of the materials you will need such as slat and insulation boards.  Whip out your measuring tape and start taking down the length and width of your concrete wall.  Once that is done, proceed to the local hardware supply store and purchase the materials you need.
  • Purchase the materials.  For this project, you will need to prepare a number of materials namely slat boards, insulation boards made of solid foam, and concrete wall adhesive.  You will need to have certain tools as well such as a nail gun and a table saw.  Don’t forget the concrete nails either.  Purchase what you don’t already have at your local hardware supply store.  For the slat boards, purchase those that are at least an inch thick.  You may consider purchasing pre-cut boards with the exact length of your wall.  The width of these boards is pretty standard and this is perfect for the project.  For the insulation board, you will need to decide on the efficiency you want.  Insulation boards come with certain ratings which are relevant to the climate you are in.  If you are in an area with a harsh cold climate, then consider getting insulation boards with a higher rating.
  • Start with the edge of the wall.  Position a slat board on the edge of the particular wall.  Make sure it has the same measurements of the wall lengthwise.  Cut it with a table saw if necessary.  Once the board is positioned correctly, drive some nails in with your nail gun. 
  • Install the insulation board.  Once the first slat board has been locked into place, get your insulation board and apply concrete adhesive to the back part of the board.  Once that is done, apply the insulation board on the wall next to the slat board you just nailed down.  The width of the insulation board should be pretty standard.  Set the board in and allow the adhesive to dry.
  • Repeat the process.  Once the insulation board has been plastered, get another slat board and set it beside the insulation board you just placed.  Use the nail gun to lock it into place.  Make sure not to leave any space between the insulation and slat boards.  Once that is done, add another insulation board beside the new slat board.  Repeat the process until you cover the wall.  Once the whole wall is covered with alternating slat and insulation boards, cover the areas with insulation boards with slat boards of the same measurements.  Nail the boards to the wall.

Now that you have successfully insulated your concrete walls, you should experience a warmer feel in the room due to the more efficient heat retention provided by the insulation boards.


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