How To Insulate Windows Without Plastic

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Many will agree that the winter season is the most expensive of all seasons. When it comes to the required clothing, a regular cotton shirt wouldn’t be a good idea. Investing in a good pair of boots and jacket would be the most applicable for it is a must to keep the body warm as possible all the time. In eating, taking in hot soups and warm food would help to keep the body warm. In road safety, investing in good tires must be taken in consideration to get a good grip on the slippery road. Enough medicine and a proper first aid kit must be stored for emergency as well.

All these things must be well planned if you want to have a good night sleep despite the cold weather outside. While doing everything that was said, maintaining a good house must not be taken for granted. The house is the number one place that must be prioritized. It is where we eat, sleep and live. Checking its condition should be a regular habit.

Windows, apart from walls must be well insulated to keep the heat from escaping and to keep the cold outside from entering the house. Insulating the windows will help stop the cold from coming through thus ensuring a comfortable place to stay when the weather is painfully cold outside. It’s typical to taped or adhered plastic to a window to keep the air and cold from coming through. However, there are better materials nowadays that can be used when applying additional insulation to the windows during the winter. A professional is not needed in insulating the windows; anyone can do it if proper procedures were followed.

Here are the steps on how to insulate windows without plastic:

  • Check your windows. Look for any damage or leak that needs immediate attention. Leaks or damage if not fixed right away will allow cold and air from entering the house and when it happens, the heat needed inside wouldn’t be sufficient enough to keep the household warm.
  • Prepare a utility knife, tube of caulk or sealant, caulking gun, hammer, Styrofoam or fiberglass, duct tape and nails.
  • Get the window’s dimension. Measure the width and height of the window to get its exact dimension. Once, the measurement was done, prepare the Styrofoam or fiberglass and cut out the size that’s needed from it.
  • Place the cut piece of insulation over the window and trim off the excess parts with a utility knife. Secure the insulation with a duct tape.
  • For added assurance of a completely insulated window, use also heavy drapes with a curtain rod and brackets. Use the hammer and nails to secure the brackets in the wall.

The materials stated were easy to find and not expensive at all. Ask the advice of the local warehouse like Lowes or Home Depot on where to find cheap but quality buy of the insulating materials. Just follow these simple steps to enjoy a warm and comfortable home during the winter.


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