How To Integrate Doors into an Alarm System to Open

The alarm systems being marketed and sold today to instill a level of protection for cars are so advanced.  One advanced feature is the keyless entry that most vehicle alarm systems have today.  This enables a driver to disable the car alarm and automatically open the car door with a click of the button.  The same can be done to enable the alarm and lock the door.  Best of all, this can be done a few yards away from the vehicle due to the extended range of the remote.  Most of the time, this security feature comes free whenever you purchase a brand new or slightly used car.  However, if you are purchasing an older or vintage vehicle and want the same security measures on it, then here are some steps on how to purchase the right alarm system and install it successfully on your car.

  • Purchase the alarm system.  Visit the car auto supply shop and purchase a car alarm system for your vintage coupe.  It is critical to choose a car alarm that can provide you the keyless entry feature both ways.  This means the system should function as a car door closer and opener.  Simply put, make sure the remote control that comes with the alarm system has two buttons.  One button to open and one button to close the door.  Some alarm systems may even allow up to four doors to be controlled by the remote.  Well, it is all up to you.
  • Consider having it professionally installed.  Installing a car alarm system can be quite a daunting task and should be left to people who know their way around these things.  Ask the shop that sold you the system if he knows of anyone that can install the system for you.  If this does not work, then look for a local car electrical shop or an electrician that specializes in car electronics.  Choose someone who is reputable and who comes with various recommendations.  Discuss the price and have him start the work.  This should take around half a day or less.  Make sure to tell him that you want the doors integrated.  This may require purchasing a few other materials for the job.
  • Prepare the materials.  For the job, whether you are doing it yourself or having a professional work on it, you will need to prepare several materials such as electrical wires (12 gauge), a wire crimper, a screwdriver, 2 or 4 pieces of solenoids depending on how many doors you want installed with the feature, a power drill, 1 inch heavy duty coil springs, and some screws.  If you went with the professional, he may already have some of these available but if you went with the DIY strategy, then gather these items first.
  • Install the alarm and the solenoids.  There will be detailed instructions that come with the alarm and the solenoids for the doors.  It is important that you read these before attempting the installation yourself.  First, you will need to install the alarm system.  Once that is done, you will integrate the doors to your alarm system.  This will involve, popping up each door opening panel and attaching the solenoids there.  Next, you will drill a nice hole in the door opening mechanism to allow the wire to go through to the solenoid.  The wire should connect to the solenoid and go all the way to alarm’s control panel or module.  Once that is done, you will need to install the springs, which will allow the doors to open when triggered. 

These are merely some of the processes that you will be doing and the manual should mention and direct you about these in detail.  Make sure to test the installation every step of the way so that you won’t need to backtrack later on.


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