How To Iron a Dress Shirt on an Iron Board

Not many people know how to iron a dress shirt on an iron board. While most consider this to be a chore, the reason is most likely due to the fact that they fail to understand how to iron properly. Ironing a dress shirt can be a breeze of you do it correctly.

Before you start to iron your dress shirt, take the time to look at the garment tag. Most garment tags provide you with some important information on how to clean and iron your dress shirt. In some cases, certain dress shirts need not be ironed at all. Once you have read and understood the instructions, go ahead and preheat your iron. Adjust your iron to the correct setting depending on the type of cloth your dress shirt is made of. Linen and cotton will usually require a high heat setting. Use medium heat for wool and cotton mixes. For silk, nylon, polyester and other similar fabrics, use a low setting. If you are a beginner, you may want to use a steam iron instead. When you use a steam iron it will make you less likely to burn your dress shirt. Always make sure that there is enough water inside your steam iron before you turn it on.

Once you have done all the preparations needed, you can start ironing your dress shirt.

  1. Ironing the collar - Unbutton the dress shirt and unfold the collar. Iron the collar's backside first by laying the collar flat on the station board and running the iron on the collar with a few quick strokes. Flip the collar over and run a few more strokes of the iron on the front of the collar.
  2. Ironing the shoulders - Fit the sleeve at the iron board's narrow end. If you have an iron pad, you can put that in the sleeve instead. Stretch the back over the iron board or pad. Smooth the fabric out with your fingers. Then run the iron over the sleeve, beginning in the area where the collar meets the body and arm of the shirt and out to the shoulder. Do the same for the other side.
  3. Ironing the sleeves - Undo the cuff buttons or cuff links. Stretch the sleeve smoothly across the iron board with the cuff link or button holes facing up and then iron the inside of the cuff. Iron the sleeve, working your way up. Do the same for the other sleeve.
  4. Ironing the front and then back - Button up your shirt and slip it over the narrow end of the iron board. Make sure that the collar is at the edge of the board. Starting at the back of the shirt. Begin ironing from the shoulder going down in quick, yet careful motions. Rotate the shirt around the board as you continue ironing in the same manner. Make sure to iron the shirt placket as well as in between the shirt buttons. Once you're done, immediately hang the dress shirt.

While most people normally have a compact board, there are also some commercial board models available to help make ironing even easier and safer. The most popular are the electric boards, which include cord wraps and a power socket to plug your iron into. Whatever iron board you are using, remember these steps will greatly help in cutting down the time in ironing your dress shirt and leave you with more time to do other activities.


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