How To Judge a Sofa for Quality

Relaxing on the couch

When you are buying a sofa, your budget is the most important part of your decision, but there are lots of options based on the budget that you have. Frame the question as you would if you were buying a rug.  There are the cheap area rugs. The expensive Persian carpets are also available. There are special carpets for every budget and you can work within or outside of it.

Let us for one moment take the budget out of the equation and imagine that we can buy any of the carpets out there. What will you base your decision on? First, you will have to think about taste. Will it match what you already have in the house? Then you will have to think about the size. To simplify things, you should start with the quality of the couch.

Quality separates a good couch from a bad one. It will tell you whether it will last as long as it can. With these simple tips, you will be able to find the couch that best fits you. You can now have the couch you want and get the one with the best quality.

  1. Check out the frame. The frame is the back bone of your couch. It holds everything together. Look for a frame that is made with solid wood. It also has to be dry. Look for a couch that has kiln dry wood to make sure that the frame is free from moisture. Moisture can cause the wooden frame to rot from the inside. Avoid the types of frames made from plastic because they are flimsy and prone to twisting. Metal frames do not twist to the weight placed on them. Rusting is also a valid concern with metal frames.
  2. Select the best seat. The seat is usually composed of a network of heavy gauge springs. The springs are then meticulously attached by using clips. Experts all agree that the zigzag springs are inferior to prefab coils. Ask the store staff whether the seats were made using the zigzag method or individual coils. They will most likely know about it.
  3. Get the best stuffing. The soft should have the right firmness. Make sure the stuffing is made of 100% high density foam. For practicality, you can also opt for down as the core and foam wrapped around it. You can ask about the down to feather ratio. For example, 20% down to 80% foam is just 5% down after 15% margin of error. The greater the percentage of down, the more luxurious the feel of the sofa will be. A 50% to 70% down sofa is the best option you can get.
  4. Make sure the upholstery holds up. The upholstery is the skin of the couch. It protects everything inside the couch. Make sure you have good quality fabric for your couch. Feel the fabric for its thickness. The thicker the fabric, the longer it will hold up. Check for the softness of the fabric. The softer the fabric, the more comfortable it will be.

By this time, you should be able to identify a good quality couch from a bad one. However, there is only one way you can know if a couch is really for you: try it out. Sit on it for a while and your bottom will tell you if it is the right one for you.


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