How To Keep a Fireplace Clean

Tips for You to Have a Clean Fireplace

There's no better place in your house on a chilly winter night than in front of your fireplace - but is your fireplace safe? Do the soot stains bother you? The good news is that cleaning your fireplace and keeping it safe go hand in hand, and are even fairly easy!

  1. Have a chimney sweeper come every year. This part is essential for fireplace safety, and you can't do it alone. You need a professional to clear any obstructions in the chimney and remove all extra creosote and other buildup. This flammable material in your chimney is a risk factor for house fires, so don't delay!

  2. Before cleaning ashes, spray them with water. This will keep the dusty ashes from getting everywhere and make them much easier to clean up! It might even result in you breathing in less ash while cleaning the fireplace.

  3. Leave a layer of ash behind. Even though you might want to clean up all the ashes in the fireplace, leaving behind a layer of ash under the grate will protect the firebox floor from too much heat.

  4. Polish the doors of a fireplace with ashes. Yes, you read that correctly! If your fireplace has glass doors, then get a cloth damp, dip it in ashes, and scrub the inside of the fireplace doors with the damp ashy cloth. It will get rid of the soot! After it has come off, wipe the doors again, this time with a clean damp cloth.

  5. Sprinkle logs in the fireplace with salt. The salt on the wood reduces soot, leaving you with a clean fireplace. Make sure you do it before lighting the fire.

  6. Build the "fire" in a paper bag. The paper bag can be layered with crumpled newspapers, kindling, and logs and carried to the fireplace, reducing the mess along the way. Then you just light the paper bag once it is placed in the fireplace.

  7. Keep baking soda on hand. Baking soda is able to extinguish hot coals and flames that get out of control, ensuring a safe fireplace. You can also keep the sooty smell under control by placing some baking soda in an open metal container in between fires to absorb the odors.

You will soon discover that the joy of having a fire during cold weather is even greater when your fireplace is clean, safe, and attractive!



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