How To Keep a Lawn Green

Your lawn speaks of who you are as a homeowner. If you keep it as perfect as possible, you will not only gain self-satisfaction and appreciation but also the praise of guests and passersby. If you do not want the opposite to happen to you, give attention to your lawn as much as possible. Keeping it green all year round will do the trick for you. Though this sounds a little impossible, it actually is not granted that you are armed with the right knowledge on what to do. So here, check out these tips to help you in keeping a green lawn:

  • Fertilize the lawn twice a year. Fertilizer is very important for your lawn to promote good growth and deep green color of the grass. You can do this twice every year, one in spring and one in summer. However, make sure that you apply a fertilizer that is specially made for lawns such as those high in nitrogen.
  • Fertilize the lawn evenly. It is not enough that you fertilize your lawn. What is important here is that when you fertilize, the fertilizer is spread in equal distribution to all parts of the lawn. Make use of a fertilizer spreader for this purpose.
  • Know the right time to fertilize the lawn. It is important for you to note that it is best to fertilize the lawn right before you go on watering it. If the grass is wet when you fertilize, the fertilizer can easily stick to the grass' blades and will result in burning the grass.
  • Use only a good mower for your lawn. Though often overlooked, a fresh, crisp, and even cut of the lawn contributes to the better growth and color of the grass. Hence, if you keep using a mower in bad shape, it will affect the grass directly. So before you use the mower, always check if it has sharp blades. Examine the spark plug of the machine for any sign of erosion and change the machine's oil in a regular manner.
  • Soak the lawn several times, especially during the summer. Soaking the lawn rather than watering it lightly encourages a healthy growth for the grass. The roots often grow deeper and the lawn itself is protected from too much heat and drought. Do the soaking several times in a week during the summer season. Make sure to do this early in the morning so that the lawn will dry right before nightfall.
  • Repair all the brown spots immediately. If you have pets at home that roam freely in the lawn, it will not be far that your lawn will develop some brown spots. Since the urine of pets is high in nitrogen, it can burn up the grass if left untouched. Hence, it is important that you water the lawn well right after your pet has urinated on the grass. This way, the urine will be diluted by the water and will not anymore cause any harm to the lawn. However, if you miss fixing the brown spots in time, use grass repair kit to bring back the greenness of the grass.

If you take note of these tips in taking care of the lawn, it will not be hard for you to achieve a green lawn all throughout the year. In the event you are not doing these things yet or you are doing some things the wrong way, it is not too late yet for you to keep and maintain the greenness of your lawn.


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