How To Keep Deer Away from a Garden

Yes, deer are cute but don’t be fooled by their innocent eyes, because these animals can ruin your precious garden. You need to keep these away from your house if you want your garden to stay pretty as it is. There are several ways on how to keep deer away from your garden.

  • Build a fence. Building a fence is one way to keep deer as well as other animals away from your garden. The recommended height for a deer fence is 8 feet. If you don’t want to have an 8-foot-tall deer fence, you can also build a 3-foot-tall fence and use single wires on top of it. This is cheaper than an 8-foot-tall fence plus you will still be able to see the view outside your garden. There are also wireless fences that can shock the deer like an electric fence.
  • Get a pet. A dog is surely man’s best friend. Your best buddy will help you in keeping deer away from your garden as deer are scared of dog. They will not be coming near your garden if they see your dog guarding it.
  • Buy deer repellent. Deer repellent is another way to keep deer away. You can spray deer repellent on your garden. There are different deer repellent products available that you can choose from like Deer Away, Deer Off, Liquid Fence and Hinder. The bad smell when you spray these will go away once dry so you will not be able to smell it anymore. However, this will still keep deer away because they will be able to taste it. You can also soak clothesline with deer repellent and put these near the plants you want to protect.
  • Make your own deer repellent. You can also make your own deer repellent. A strong smelling soap bar can be used to keep deer away. If there is a tree that you want to protect from deer, tie the soap bar to the tree. You can also grind the soap bar and sprinkle these on your plant beds. Aside from cooking, there’s another use for your curry powder and condiments. You can use these for keeping deer away. Mix curry powder, garlic, red and black pepper and sprinkle around your plants. However, rain will wish the mixture away so be sure to sprinkle again after the rain. Egg is a common ingredient on deer repellents. You can use this in making your own repellent. Beat the eggs and mix with water to spray on your garden.
  • Grow plants that deer hate. There are plants that deer don’t eat. You can plant these on your garden to prevent deer from going there. Some of these plants are Daffodil, Foxglove, Lady's Mantle, St. John's Wort, Butterfly Weed and Lavender.
  • Use your hair. You may be surprised that even your hair can keep deer away. If you’re getting a haircut, you can use the cut hair on your garden. Sprinkle your hair on the plant beds to keep deer away.

Save your garden from deer by following the steps provided. Though deer look adorable, you need to keep them away or your garden will be a disaster.


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