How To Keep Field Mice Out of your Garage

Having rodents on your property is never good. Field mice for example love to get into garages and chew boxes, wires and anything worth sinking their teeth in. Even the wires under your car’s hood are prone to attack.

Field mice may look cute but they are also nuisances that you should not put up with. These rodents have very acute sense of smell and are very quick on their feet.

Try the suggestions below in keeping field mice out of your garage.

  • Seal the entry points. Make sure your garage is sealed inside and out. There might be an open window, a destroyed screen or a hole in the garage wall. Perform a thorough inspection of the walls and the garage door. Fix any holes or damages you may find. Field mice may also enter through plumbing or electrical conduits. Do your best to seal these possible entry points.
  • Prepare traps. Go to your local hardware store or pet store and buy a few mouse traps. There’s bound to be a number of choices so pick one that is easy enough to use or operate. You can put a tasty bait in the trap to entice the field mouse. But for the first few nights, don’t set the traps first. You want the mice to have a false sense of safety, thinking that the traps are mere places where yummy treats can be found. After a few nights, begin setting the traps. Make sure to clean up the mouse droppings daily so you can tell whether you have caught all the field mice in your garage.
  • Make a Tabasco-infused spray. Field mice are not fond of hot sauce. You can create a spray made of water and Tabasco (or any other purely liquid hot sauce). Put some water in a spray bottle. Fill it about half or three-fourths with water. Add 1 or more tablespoons of hot sauce and shake the spray bottle well. Never use hot sauce that contains chili flakes. This can clog your spray bottle. Test the mixture in an inconspicuous spot to see if there will be any undesirable residue from the mixture. If there is, try a different brand of hot sauce or lessen the amount of hot sauce you use.
  • Spray the garage. Using your sprayer with water and hot sauce, treat the entrance to your garage. Go around the garage and check for possible entrances and spray away. You can also spray inside the garage as well. The areas where you frequently find mice droppings should be sprayed with the mixture. Every day, check for mouse droppings to see if this solution worked. It may take weeks before you get rid of the mice.


  • If you are using mouse bait, field mice prefer unprocessed foods like oats and seeds. House mice are more eat-anything type of rodents.
  • Make sure you are dealing with a mouse. Anything longer than 6 inches (tail included) is a rat.
  • Consider getting a cat or hiring an exterminator if the suggestions above fail.

Nobody wants to have mice in their home and certainly not in the garage. Mice can bring disease and destruction. Once you discover the presence of mice in your garage or home, take the necessary steps to eliminate this rodent problem. The sooner you do, the less destruction to your home, the better you can sleep.


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