How To Keep My Outdoor Fountain Clean

Outdoor fountains require more dedicated maintenance routine than traditional indoor ones. Outdoor elements such as birds, dust, wind and leaves add up to the weather elements such as rain and snow. These are the standard dirt makers threatening the fountain of its wear and tear. Here are some helpful tips that can be of great help in keeping an outdoor fountain clean:

  • Keep in mind your fountain’s location. It is very wise to position the fountain in an area where it can have the most protection. For example, don’t put it in a spot where it is more likely to be hit by stray baseballs or along a path where you expect heavy foot traffic. Likewise, keep it in dry area free from too much dust. If you are worried about algae growth, then provide some shade that will protect the fountain against the sun. On the other hand, don’t be so overprotective as to place it behind over grown shrubs, for it will surely defeat the aesthetic purpose of the fountain set up.
  • Deal with algae using bleach and other fountain cleaning products. Make sure that you have an upper hand in terms of algae growth, otherwise, it will be double hard to contain them once you face their full blast overgrowth. Although using a small amount of bleach is said to be effective. Evidences show that it damages the fountain’s finish when you use it too much or too often. Plus, you are risking the animals that may have depended on the fountain, one way or another. For example, you may have fishes on the fountain’s base or any stray bird stopping by to drink some water. It is best to purchase some outdoor fountain cleaning accessories that assure the animals’ safety. A prime example of which is Care Free Enzymes of Fountain Fresh.
  • Have the proper tools during a periodical cleaning session of your outdoor fountain. It is important for you to use a good scrub in cleaning the fountain according to its type. For example, a wire-bristled brush can best handle a concrete fountain, while a heavy duty plastic type can best handle a plastic or resin one.
  • Pay attention to the fountain’s pump. Putting undue stress to your fountain may compromise its cleanliness on the long run. You have to help your pump work efficiently by providing the proper environment to do so. Determine whether the water supplied to the fountain is hard water. This will leave unsightly stains as well as lime scale and rust. Purchase a scale remover and use it to remove away those stains. You will not have difficulty finding a product, as there are plenty of kinds available in the market.
  • Provide some safety barriers to prevent outdoor elements from falling and mixing into the water. Your fountain may have a cleaner circulating all throughout the fountain’s water. You have to remember to dump the gloop periodically and refill it with fresh water. Otherwise the cleaner can be toxic to the fountain’s environment. Also, provide a fine net strainer that you can use to get rid of some fallen leaves and trash. Depending on the size of the fountain, you have the choice on which kind of net to use.

With these methods on how to keep your outdoor fountain clean, you can be less stressed out with its maintenance problems. After all, your fountain is made for you to enjoy, and not to add up on your chores.


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