How To Keep Pigeons Off the Roof

Pigeons soar high in the sky and they look so free while they fly. Some pigeons stay on the roof of houses and their dirt make the house untidy. These can also bring fleas, ticks and disease that are the reasons why you need to keep these out of your roof or any part of the house. Pigeons land on flat surfaces. If your roof is flat, pigeons are more likely to land there. You can regularly go to your roof and shoe the pigeons away. This may keep them away for the meantime but not permanently. Doing this every time you see a pigeon on the roof is also a hassle.

However, there are different methods that you can try to keep pigeons away from the roof of your house. Here are the steps on how to do this:

  • Use spikes. Put metal or plastic spikes on your roof or on the area of the house where pigeons usually land. These are very easy to put on any area on your house. These are almost not visible but the pigeons will definitely not land on the area where you put the spikes on. These are not designed to hurt the pigeons but to keep them away.
  • Put wires. Chicken wires can also be placed on areas where the pigeons land. Aside from chicken wires, you can also try to put netting around your roof. These will also keep pigeons away from your house.
  • Get a scarecrow. Put a scarecrow on your roof. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the scarecrow should be like the ones you see in the farm with straw and floppy hats. You can use an owl scarecrow or any scary looking animals. You can also use weather vane. This is better because it moves with the wind. The pigeons will be scared of the scarecrow or weather vane so they will not land on your roof.
  • Spray bird repellents. You can use repellent for birds to keep pigeons away. Spray this on the area where pigeons land like the window and roof so they will not go there anymore. However, bird repellents are made from chemicals and there are places that prohibit the use of these. Make sure to check if the use of bird repellent is allowed in your place. You need to keep the pigeons away without breaking the law. Methyl anthranilate is the main component of bird repellents. This is applied on the roof and other areas using a fogger. Pigeons are animals and animal cruelty is prohibited. By applying bird repellent, the pigeons are not harmed but the repellents cause an unpleasant feeling. This will also go away but the pigeons will then associate that unpleasant feeling to your roof or area of the house where you applied repellents to so they are less likely to go back. Using bird repellents does not mean cruelty to animals. This is just a way of keeping the pigeons away.

Let the pigeons fly and soar high. Keep them away from your roof to avoid sickness that they may carry. They can rest on trees in the forest, mountains and even parks, but not on your roof.


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