How To Keep Plants Alive

A healthy plant is a cheerful addition to any home. With just a small amount of care and attention, some types of plants can live for years. There are just a few simple things for a person to remember in order to keep plants alive and thriving.

First, in the effort to keep plants alive a person must find out the specifics of that plant's care. For example, in order to stay healthy some plants need to live near a sunny window. Alternatively, other plants wither in direct sunlight. Some plants require a great deal of water, while others need very little. It is a wise decision for someone buying a plant to ask the owner of the floral shop or greenhouse about its specific care. The owner may even have some hints on how to keep a plant alive if it starts looking a little dry or unhappy.

After receiving instructions on keeping plants alive, the next step is to make sure a plant stays safe. If a person has pets, chances are they will be curious about a new plant. A small plant that is sitting on the floor is in danger of being knocked over or pulled out of its pot by a dog or cat. It is best to keep small plants out of the reach of overly curious pets. Hanging a plant from the ceiling in its lightweight container is one option for a person searching for a safe place to keep a small plant. A heavy floor plant may be better off in a room where pets aren't allowed in order to avoid accidents that might endanger the plant's health. The responsibility of keeping a plant alive sometimes requires finding a space for it away from any inquisitive household pets.

In keeping plants alive, it's important to remember that they need plenty of room to grow. A plant that is in a pot that it has outgrown is likely to take on an unhealthy appearance. A plant that is thriving sometimes requires a bigger pot. A visit to a professional at a greenhouse or nursery is helpful in finding out when and how to transfer a plant to a new pot. The fact that a plant has outgrown its pot is a sign that it's receiving the nourishment and care it needs. An owner who has a plant in need of a bigger pot is not only keeping plants alive but he is nurturing tremendous growth.

Some people who insist that they cannot keep plants alive would likely be more successful if they knew the specifics of a plant's care. The pleasant responsibility of keeping plants alive is one that can end in a house full of beautiful greenery for a family to enjoy.


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