How To Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden

Keeping your garden clean and beautiful does not only require regular watering of plants and removing fallen leaves. This also requires protecting your garden from animals. Animals like deer can ruin what you’ve worked hard for. Bugs Bunny’s relatives are also culprits in destroying your garden. You should not let rabbits near your garden because they will eat not just the carrots but all the vegetables in your garden. You need to keep them away from your garden without harming them.

To keep rabbits out of your garden, here are the steps you need to do:

  • Build a fence or use netting. You can use chicken wire or poultry wire for building a fence for your garden. The fence should be at least about 2 feet high and should be buried at least 8 inches below the ground. If you have a gate in your garden, make sure to close it to prevent the rabbits from going to the garden. If you don’t want to build a fence, you can raise your beds so that the rabbits will not be able to reach your vegetables. You can also purchase garden netting on any store selling garden supplies. You can put this over your plants to keep the rabbits from eating these.
  • Sow clover or plant onions. Rabbits like clover more than vegetables. Sprinkle clover seeds around the garden so the rabbits will eat these instead of your vegetables. You can also use leftover vegetables to divert the attention of the rabbits. Go to your refrigerator and check that vegetables are about to rot or you will no longer use. Place these on an area far from your garden so the rabbits will eat these instead of your plants. Planting onions around your garden will also help. This will keep the rabbits away because they do not like the smell of it.
  • Scare the rabbits away. You can use fake animals that the rabbits will be scared of like snakes. Motion detector sprinklers can also be used. When it detects the rabbit in your garden, water will be sprinkled. The rabbit will be scared and will run away. Rabbits are also scared of dogs and cats. If you have pets, you can use these to scare the rabbits away. Pinwheels do not only add design to your garden but also help in keeping the rabbit away as they will be scared of the pinwheel’s movement.
  • Chemical and organic solutions. Use liquid fence rabbit deterrent by spraying around the garden. This is safe for your kids and pets so they can still play in the garden. Since this is liquid, it will be washed away when there’s heavy watering or rain. Make sure to reapply this on your garden if it gets washed away. Urine of large animals can also be sprinkled on your garden to scare the rabbits. They will think that there are large animals on your garden so they will not go near it. You can purchase urine of large animals on store selling garden or farm products. You can also mix hot pepper or Tabasco with water and spray the solution around the garden. Make sure to label the mixture so other family members will know that it’s for the rabbits.

With the steps provided, you will be able to scare the rabbits away without harming them. You can now be sure that when you wake up in morning, your garden is still the same as it was yesterday.


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