How To Keep Squirrels Out of Your Garden

Squirrels may look cute, adorable, and innocent, but the reality is that they are little critters waiting to wreak havoc in your garden! Plant lovers, who spent most of their time pouring love and care to their gardens, know this and are always on the look out for ways of getting rid of this pest.
If you’ve also had enough of squirrels in your premises, read the following tips below on how to keep them out of your garden:

  • Use repellents. One way of keeping squirrels at bay is by sprinkling a squirrel repellent around your plant beds. Some repellents use red, black, white, cayenne, or chili peppers to drive squirrels away. Some, meanwhile, use concentrated predator urine as repellent. This kind of repellent gets squirrels thinking that a predator is lurking in your garden so they better stay away. If squirrels keep chewing on your furniture, thinly spread a bitter-tasting gel on your furniture to discourage them from gnawing on it. Although most repellents are effective in keeping squirrels away, their downside is that you always have to reapply them after raining or watering.
  • Keep your area sanitary. Squirrels are like rats in a way that they are fond of nibbling on anything. Because of this, make it a habit to clean your surroundings to keep if free of things they can chomp on. No things to chew on. No squirrels. It is also helpful to note that squirrels love bird food, except for safflower seeds. Thus, if you keep birds and want to lessen the chances of squirrels visiting your garden, it’s either your feed your birds safflower seeds, or use squirrel-proof bird feeders and clean up any bird food left on your garden floor.
  • Trim trees and build a fence. Squirrels access your garden by scurrying from tree to tree. You can prevent them from entering your premises by regularly trimming your trees to interrupt their paths. If this doesn’t do the trick, all you can do is to build an effective squirrel protection for your plants. You can do this by building a fence around them. Bury your fence at least 8 inches deep below the ground to keep squirrels from burrowing under it. Make sure that you cover your plant bed on all sides so that there is no way squirrels can access it. Cover the top part of the fence with tightly weaved chicken wire that you can easily remove when watering the plants. Just make sure that you put back the chicken wire cover every time you’re done watering your plants. When caring for bulbs, instead of a fence, cover the bulbs with a fine mesh. Keep the mesh in place with stones or bricks.
  • Use motion-activated sprinklers. A sprinkler that sprays water when motion is detected is a good way to keep all kinds of animals from destroying your garden. This would not only chase squirrels, cats, and dogs away, it will also feed your plants. Using it would be like hitting two birds with one stone!

There are many products on the market claiming that they can keep squirrels away from your garden. When trying them, make sure to read their labels and instructions for use carefully.


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