How To Keep Your Pond Waterfall from Leaking

Having your own personal pond waterfall can be very peaceful and relaxing. You do not want your mood to change from relaxation to frustration because your pond waterfall is leaking. What can you do to stop your pond waterfall from leaking? First inspect it, especially if it is losing a large amount of water. In humid weather, water evaporation is normal. Refilling your pond waterfall can be a lot of work; 90% of the time, the problem is the waterfall and not the pond itself.

Fixing your pond waterfall is not difficult. First, remove the rocks from your waterfall to see if the ground is wet. When you determine that the waterfall is leaking, you can fix the leakage. Turn off any electricity that is generated from your pond. Disassemble your waterfall. You have to remove each part and set them aside. You cannot slant your rocks and expect the water to enter the pond, this does not work. You have to build the waterfall on top of the pond liner. The liner has to be the exact one that is used in your pond, and you cannot use two separate liner pieces, as you will still have leaks. The liner has to be stretched from the top of your pond to see how much room you have to work with when you rebuild your waterfall. If the liner you are using is an inadequate size for the waterfall's construction area and the pond, you have to purchase a larger liner. When you have enough liner for the waterfall's construction area, you can begin to rebuild on top of the liner. Keep in mind, you have to rebuild your pond from scratch or ignore the waterfall completely.

The larger flat pieces are still used as stairsteps when you first built your pond. Make sure the larger flat pieces are slightly slanted downward toward your pond. Find small rocks or boulders and place them alongside the flat pieces, keep placing them until you are satisfied with the appearance of your waterfall. Leave small amounts of liner on the outside of each outside rock. The extra liner that you have has to be rolled up on the outside of the smaller rocks, this is to ensure that no more water is leaking around the rocks you have around your pond waterfall. On the rolled up liner, place more small rocks on the opposite side of the liner. This is done to conceal the pond waterfall. You are now done! The pond waterfall leakage has finally been resolved.


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