How To Kill Fleas Anywhere

Controlling dog flea

Fleas are a pesky problem for people and their pets. Once an infestation of fleas infiltrate a pet, home, business or yard, strategies to kill them must be planned and safely implemented. The good news is there are a myriad of remedies to kill fleas anywhere they nest. By using safe products or home remedies pet owners can totally eliminate those pesky fleas without harming their pets. Here's how to get rid of those fleas.

When purchasing products to kill fleas anywhere they nest, a pet owner should consider products containing an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). Carpet powder is one such product that can be purchased containing the IGR ingredient. If this product is used, the pet owner should make a point to vacuum every single day for the next twenty-one days. Every corner of the carpet should be vacuumed during this term to ensure all fleas are killed. The IGR ingredient in the carpet powder will prevent fleas from transitioning to their next life cycle. However, it should be noted that if the flea is in the pupae stage, the carpet powder will have no effect and cannot kill the fleas during this period.

Flea bombs or foggers are another way to effectively kill fleas. The advantage of flea bombs and foggers are that once they explode the chemical can kill fleas anywhere. The chemical can reach places pet owners wouldn't think to spray. Prior to the flea bomb exploding, all persons and pets must vacate the house or building. This product can kill fleas for up to six months. The chemicals are so strong that even the strongest fleas can be killed from the residue alone.

There are home remedies that can also effectively kill fleas anywhere they nest. If pet owners are looking for safe applicators for their pets, home remedies (or natural remedies) are a good choice. One such remedy is the use of vinegar. By mixing a half cup of white vinegar and a half cup of Dawn's dishwashing detergent, fleas can be killed anywhere they nest on pets. The pet's tub should be filled with warm water. Pet owners should bathe their pets using the vinegar mixture thoroughly. Another home remedy that can be used to kill fleas on pets is Brewer's Yeast. Pet owners should mix one-fourth of Brewer's yeast with one quart of water. As the dog's or cat's fur is carefully brushed, they should be gently sprayed with the mixture.

In addition to the remedies above, a knowledgeable veterinarian can be consulted for advice and safe prescriptions for killing fleas that dwell anywhere on a pet's body. Pet owners can get information on a popular pill called Capstar. If pet owners want immediate results, this pill is known to kill fleas within an hour of a pet taking it.


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