How To Kill Fleas with Dish Detergent

Fleas can be incredibly annoying for both you and your pets. Not only do they make your dog or cat extremely itchy, but they can also move from your pets to infest your home. Fleas can live in carpet and on soft furniture. Their bites are itchy and uncomfortable, and they can pass on various diseases. Many flea treatments are made from harsh chemicals that can cause adverse reactions in pets. The harsh chemicals in many common flea shampoos can cause skin irritation in pets, and some don’t even work. Veterinarians can prescribe drops that are intended to kill fleas and keep them at bay for up to a month, but such treatments are often very expensive. In many cases, they do not work for a full month meaning the treatment needs reapplied more often or you and your pets will have to suffer until the next dosage is set to be applied. Some of these drops can also make your pet’s fur greasy and unpleasant to the touch. Thankfully for pet lovers there is a safe, effective, and inexpensive alternative for killing pesky fleas. Liquid dish detergent is excellent for killing fleas, and it will leave your pet’s coat soft, smooth, and smelling wonderfully.

Bathing your pet with liquid dish detergent is simple. The procedure is similar to that when bathing your pet using any other type of shampoo. First you will need to fill either a bathtub or sink with warm water. Be careful not to use water that is too hot for your pet’s comfort. Once your pet is in the water, fully saturate their coat with water. Squirt a ring of dish detergent the entire way around your pet’s neck and rub it in to the skin. This will ensure that fleas will not run to the top of your pet’s head to avoid the soap and water. Next, squirt detergent on the rest of your pet’s coat and massage it in. Be careful to avoid the eyes, inner ears, and mouth as the detergent can cause irritation. Work the detergent into a rich lather and allow it to sit on your pet’s coat for about ten minutes. This will ensure that the detergent has time to effectively kill all the fleas. Rinse your pet thoroughly being careful to remove all traces of soap as leftover residue can cause skin irritation. For best results, after rinsing comb your pet with a flea comb to remove any eggs that may have been left behind as dish detergent will not kill the eggs.

Once your pet is rinsed and combed, you can proceed to drying the fur. If desired, you can also apply a leave in conditioner designed for use on pets. This will help to ensure that your pet will not experience any dryness or irritation from the dish detergent. Bathe your pet weekly during times when fleas are present.


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