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Gardening is one activity that has many advantages. It is therapeutic and effectively reduces stress. Especially now that life has become more fast-paced and demanding, gardening offers you the chance to actually relax and smell the flowers. However, those who take this hobby pretty seriously face one common nuisance -- grass. While herbicides abound in the market, it would be good to consider alternative and earth-friendly ways to kill grass. This way, you avoid damaging other plants and beneficial insects in your garden. You are assured that no harmful petrochemicals will harm you and your family as well. Here are some green tips to effectively kill unwanted and unsightly grass in your garden.

1. Grow more plants in your garden.

Grass grows in gardens that have empty spaces. Regularly pull out stubborn grass by hand and grow more plants in your garden's empty spaces to eliminate unwanted weeds or grass. You may want to try groundcover plants like ornamental mosses. This will effectively catch dew drops so your garden will not need frequent watering. The mint plant as groundcover is another option you may want to try. Not only will it help eliminate grass but also give a therapeutic and fragrant smell in your garden.

2. Use vinegar to kill grass.

Distilled vinegar has been widely used as an alternative to chemical herbicides. Just make sure to only pour or spray the vinegar directly to the grass so that your other plants will not be affected.

3. Smother the grass.

Cover your garden of stubborn grass with at least five layers of newspaper. These should be overlapped so that there are no spaces. Put mulch or wood barks and grass clippings afterwards to help push the newspaper down. Hose down the newspaper and layer of mulch. This is a slower method of killing grass but is earth-friendly and requires less work. The newspaper and mulch will eventually decompose as well thus providing your garden with essential nutrients.

4. Use salted water.

Salted water is another very effective and safe way to kill grass. However, this method should be used as a last resort. Salt permanently kills plant life, even earthworms. So be very careful in administering it. Spray it directly to the grass and avoid putting too much on the ground.

Gardening is one activity that can be taught to our children. Not only will they experience the thrill and sense of fulfillment when harvesting the fruits of their labor, but you get to impart a more important lesson, the love and care for our environment.


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