How To Kill Insects and Ants Organically

Ants fighting on leaves

How to kill insects and ants organically is a common problem for seasoned and inexperienced gardeners. Using regular household items such as dish soap, cayenne pepper, and vinegar, along with onions, garlic and peppers will eliminate ants and insects without poisoning the earth. Using organic methods to kill insects and ants contributes to the natural balance of garden soil, its nutrients, air, plants, and water. Here's how to do this.

Organic gardeners typically use natural compost from objects that are found in nature for their flower, herb, and vegetable gardens. Organic gardening is the use of nature's essential power to eliminate disease, and to help control destructive garden pests. Homemade garden sprays are cost effective solutions to help kill insects and ants organically.

  • Dish Soap, Vinegar, and Water - The war against ants can be won with this simple, organic solution. Using one part vinegar, one part liquid dish soap, and three parts water, generously apply the mixture to the ant infested area for five days. Avoid applying directly to plant leaves. This spray organically kills ants, but is not harmful to dogs and cats.
  • All-Purpose Spray - This all-purpose spray is an excellent organic solution that kills insects and ants, as well as slugs, and beetles. Use one small onion, one teaspoon ground cayenne pepper, one teaspoon liquid dish soap, and one quart of water. Crush onion and garlic, add water and cayenne pepper. Stir the mixture gently and let stand for at least an hour. Strain the mix and add liquid dish soap, mix well. Apply the spray to both sides of plant leaves. Leftover spray can be refrigerated for future use.
  • Tomato-Leaf Spray - This natural spray organically kills insects and ants, aphids, and other soft-bodied garden pests. Tomato-leaf spray attracts the beneficial Trichogramma wasps that prey on corn-earworms and their eggs. Left untreated, these insects can damage corn plants. For this organic spray, you will need two cups of tomato leaves (taken from the bottom of the plant), and four cups of water. In a large container, cut or mash tomato leaves and add two cups of water. Stir and let stand over night. Before using, strain and discard tomato leaves. Dilute the mixture with two more cups of water and spray both sides of plant leaves. Organic spray may be applied once a week to kill insects and ants.
  • Hot Pepper Spray - To kill insects and ants organically, hot pepper spray can be applied every seven days. Puree one half cup of hot peppers together with two cups of water, then use cheesecloth to strain the mixture. Applying this natural spray once a week is an effective and organic way to kill insects and ants. This organic spray repels insects and ants, and will keep cats and dogs out of your garden.


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