How To Kill Insects Without Toxins

There are many methods for killing insects without using toxins.  Common household products and some plants accomplish this task naturally and safely.

For the lawn, some people kill insects without toxins by using a combination of natural baby shampoo and beer.  This is mixed together and put into a sprayer connected to a garden hose, then sprayed on the lawn to kill grubs and other wormlike insects that would otherwise eat the roots of the grass and cause bald patches.  The soap smothers the bugs while the beer's odor chases them away.

In the garden, insects recognize that the capsaicin in chili peppers would kill them, so they generally avoid these plants.  Thus, many gardeners who choose to grow their produce organically will plant hot pepper plants in between the vegetables they choose to harvest later in the year to deter the bugs before needing to kill them without using toxins.  Many choose this route of gardening so the toxins in pesticides do not need to be washed off of the products so carefully, especially where children help with the harvest and possibly eat produce straight from the garden.

Many people who enjoy outdoor gatherings employ either citronella candles or what are commonly referred to as "bug-zapper" lights. Both of these methods kill insects without toxins, keeping the area safe, especially from mosquitoes and other biting insects that can transmit disease.  The scent of the citronella as well as the light of the candle attracts some insects, thinking there may be a flower full of nectar to eat.  However, when the bug flies into the flame, it dies from the heat being overwhelming.  The light bulbs in the outdoor fixtures work in much the same way.  The generally yellow color of the bulb draws insects toward it, where they either receive a high electric shock or too much heat to survive in the vicinity of the bulb, or may be trapped in the fixture and unable to get out.

Other people use insect traps with natural scents that draw the bugs in and suffocate them with a vinegar solution once the bugs are inside.  However, if insects make it inside the house, a reliable method for killing them without toxic chemicals is to keep handy a spray bottle of white vinegar.  This inexpensive weapon against insects can be kept anywhere in the house since it will not hurt pets or children, but a tiny amount sprayed on the bug can suffocate it almost immediately.  Many people also spray the vinegar around the doors and windows as a deterrent.

Thus, one can see that chemical pesticides are not necessary to keeping bugs out.  In fact, several proven methods kill insects without harming people or domestic animals and may be preferred.


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