How To Kill Roaches with Alcohol

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The answer is yes, you can kill roaches with alcohol!  Have you ever had the displeasure of roaches invading your home? Did you know that you can kill them and control re-infestation with alcohol? Simply follow these instructions to rid your home of these pests that can carry disease and cause allergies. Killing roaches with alcohol is a cost effective way to rid your home of these nasty critters for good and save yourself some money in the process.

The first step is to obtain a spray bottle preferably one with a stream setting. A spray bottle can usually be purchased at your local grocery or at a dollar store for less than two dollars.  You should never reuse a spray bottle that has contained another chemical or cleaner. Always make sure to clearly label your spray bottle so that it is not accidentally mistaken for another cleaner.

When you have your properly labeled spray bottle you will need to fill it with rubbing alcohol. The isopropyl alcohol can also be purchased at a local grocery or dollar store for usually less than two dollars making the total cost of this venture a very affordable remedy for ridding yourself of roaches.

Now that you are prepared and have acquired the proper tools you should spray roaches when they are spotted always making sure that you completely saturate them. Roaches breathe through holes in their hard shells called spiracles so soaking them in alcohol ensures that they will smother. Repeating this process each time a roach is found will help ensure your success in getting rid of them.

To prevent roaches from thriving make sure to keep your house clean i.e., never leave food on your counters or dirty dishes in your sink. You should also fix any leaky faucets in your house as this gives the roaches a way to stay hydrated. Be sure to keep the floors clean also as roaches will eat anything organic and you will also need to clean up any dead roaches as you find them. The living roaches will actually eat the corpses of the dead ones.

Why should you have to rely on professional help?  Especially when you can rid your home of roaches by taking matters into your own hands with alcohol.  All it takes is a little perseverance, a spray bottle and some rubbing alcohol and you can save yourself the trouble of hiring an exterminator. With rubbing alcohol there is no need for harsh chemicals to enter your house to get rid of roaches. The self satisfaction of solving the problem on your own is worth its weight in gold and keeps your hard earned money where it belongs, in your wallet.


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