How To Kill White Ants

White ants or termites are not technically part of the ant family. These live in colonies like the ants and feed on woods, leaves and dead plants. They also like sweets. The white ant that lay eggs is called a queen. White ants can damage your crops as well as your furniture and house. Since they feed on wood, white ants can damage furniture made from wood and house structures made from wood. If you have white ants in your house, you need to kill them to prevent further damage.

Here are the steps you need to do on how to kill white ants:

  • Since white ants are into sweets, you can use sweet granular ant bait. Using an old coffee grinder that you don’t use anymore, grind the granular ant bait so that it will be smaller and it will be easier for the ants to get these. Make sure that the coffee grinder is no longer used because ant bait contains poison.
  • After grinding the ant bait, check the house where you can see the white ants. You can usually see these passing on the wall. Follow where the white ants are heading to see the nest. Put the ant bait on the nest or the area where the ants are passing. If you can’t find the nest, you can put the bait to areas of the house where you think the white ants will go like near wooden furniture. If it’s possible, better put ant bait all over the house. Use gloves to protect your hands.
  • Other things that you can use as ant baits are cinnamon and sugar. Mix cinnamon and sugar and put the mixture where the white ants are. The white ants will be attracted to the sweetness of the sugar and since they are unable to digest cinnamon, they will die once they eat it. Cucumber peel is another thing you can mix with sugar in place of cinnamon. You need to replace the bait at least every week until all white ants die.
  • There are also different insecticides being sold which are made to kill white ants. You can go to stores selling pesticides and insecticides to ask for specific products for killing white ants. You can also search online for information on where to buy this type of insecticides.

Kill the white ants in your house and save your furniture and wooden parts of your house from being destroyed. You also need to do things that will prevent white ants from coming back to your house. Make sure to keep your house clean. Wash dishes immediately as termites are also attracted to water. Wipe the kitchen counter with bleach as well as the floor. If there are bits of cookies or food on the floor or any area of the house, clean these immediately. Remove wood debris, old books, magazines and boxes near your house because termites usually feed on these. Make sure that there are no cracks on your house especially if the area is made up of wood since termites can enter easily enter on the cracks.


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