How To Know the Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass

Artificial turf has become popular in residential homes in recent years. Initially designed for sports grounds, more and more people are now considering installing them in their homes. If you are one of those persons, it is best that you know the pros and cons of having artificial turf installed. You can ask your any of your neighbors who has one. You can also ask companies who provide the service. A quick search online can also give you an idea what they are. Here are some pros and cons that you can start with.


  • Appearance. A main benefit of installing an artificial turf in your home is its appearance. You have your garden looking green 365 days of the year, even during especially hot days and very cold winters. You can even choose to mix different shades of grass to be installed for a more natural look. Your lawn will be the envy of your neighbors.
  • Pest Free. Pests don’t have anything to eat and will not want to live in your lawn, therefore you don’t have to purchase pesticides to get rid of them. Not only do you save your money, you also save your family from chemicals that may be found in pesticides.
  • Less maintenance. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about mowing your lawn. It doesn’t grow, so you don’t have to cut grass. Your Sunday afternoons may be reserved for better things. There is no need to put fertilizers as well so you don’t have to find that special blend that works well with your grass type. This can save you money too.
  • Water conservation. Contrary to a lot of things you may read, the lawn still needs to be irrigated, but not to grow your turf, rather to clean it. You don’t have to do it as often though. Watering your artificial lawn twice a month should be enough. This allows you to conserve water and your money.


  • Cost. The cost needed to install an artificial turf is expensive. If you install it yourself, you need to rent a sod cutter and a cement compactor. This is added to the material you use. All in all, you can expect to spend thousands of dollars for a standard sized lawn (approx. 750 square feet). If you have someone else install it, you are tripling the cost and looking at around $12,000. It may take you years before you reap the benefits of your investment.
  • Toxic Runoff. Lead is used in many types of artificial grass. Even the smallest amount is not good for you, especially to your children. Aside from lead, it also contains a lot of chemicals that include arsenic and cadmium. These chemicals may bleed and pose health issues to your family and neighbors.
  • Less oxygen. Since these are not real plants, it does not provide you additional oxygen and may have a suffocating effect on your residence depending on what other plants you may have.
  • Heat magnet. There is no moisture in artificial turf, the effect being very hot. It absorbs more heat than real grass and may turn your lawn tremendously uncomfortable, even to just walk on.

Artificial grass is not for everyone. Do enough research before you decide to place it in your lawn.


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