How To Landscape a Flower Bed

A great way to give your house a little curb appeal is to do a little landscaping.  Adding a few trees and well placed flower beds will brighten up your front yard or add a little drama to a drab back yard.  Landscaping a flower bed is not a difficult or expensive task.  All it takes is a little planning, a few hours of hard work and before you know it, you'll have created something that not only looks good but also enhances the value of your home.

Don't start digging just yet.  Do some planning first.  Look around your yard, determine where it needs a little extra pop.  Figure out what size beds will look right, and then have a closer look at areas you've chosen. Check the soil, see if the drainage is up to par, and take notice of the sun's placement throughout the day.  All of these factors contribute to the sort of plants you'll be able to use in your flower bed.  You don't want to invest your money in flowers that won't thrive where you've planted them.

Once you've figured out where you'll be landscaping the flower beds, it's time to get digging.  Clear out things like rocks and brush before you begin to dig.  Now it's time to edge.  This is how you design the shape of your bed, and you should take the time to do it properly.  Using an edger is your best bet, it gives you control of your lines or curves and does an excellent job helping you create the outline of your flowerbed.  After you've edged, you can dig.  Try going at least 18 inches deep, be sure to crush up any large clumps, and add potting soil and mix to your dirt. You should also treat for weeds, so use an herbicide and read the directions to see how long you should wait before planting.

Now comes the easy part. Choosing your flowers. Before you go to a nursery or greenhouse, you might want set a budget. It's not hard to get carried away once you see all of the beautiful flowers that are available and waiting to become part of your landscape.  Do a few searches online to find out what plants are right for the location of the flower beds you've created.  Make a few notes and you're off to purchase your flowers.

Once you get home you should plant immediately.  Dig holes several inches deep, keeping placement in mind.  You don't want over-crowding or too much room between plants.  When you are done you will be amazed at how good your landscaped flower beds look and how they change the appearance of your home, making it more beautiful for all to see.


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